Wooden Windows Offer Numerous Benefits

There are a few things that homeowners should learn when thinking about window replacements. There are several advantages to replacing old frames with wooden windows. For years, the number one choice for home window construction and replacement has been wood. The wood frame is constructed of fir, cypress, pine, cedar, redwood, and mahogany. A wood window will improve the homes value, is more energy efficient, can be painted the color the siding, and they do not develop condensation as aluminum will.

In addition to the material that the frames are constructed of, folks can choose from a number of different styles to improve the visual appeal of their home. Because the wood window is so energy efficient, it can save the homeowner money on the utility bill each month. The window performs well in the summer heat and winter cold and is chosen most often when updating the interior design.

One of the most important purchases a person can make in their life is a home. Given that, it is easy to see why every detail, including the color of the home, must be perfect. Matching the sash windows color to the house siding color is relatively simple. Using wooden frames allows the homeowner to paint them to match the exterior of the home.

Improvements that a person makes to his or her home will increase the value and its appeal. In addition, the integrity of the home is also preserved. They are very durable and are not as likely to break or crack which lowers the cost for repairs or maintenance. The wood window is cost effective, echo friendly and the perfect material when it is time for recycling.

When the right professional is found for the installation, make sure they use custom manufacturing and find out if they provide restoration work. You may decide to reinstate the classic look of the house by repairing and restoring the existing frames. Restoring will cost much less than having the frames replaced. Also be sure the company is interested in environmental effects of their materials. Choose a professional who uses echo friendly materials.

Typically, wood windows are constructed of natural and renewable material. Wood will resist condensation when it is double and triple glazed. When a higher quality product is installed, it will likely last for over a century. However, to prevent the windows from deteriorating, it is necessary to keep them freshly painted or finished regularly.

Aluminum frames are less expensive and possibly recyclable but they are not the best choice for energy efficiency. Fiberglass has its ecological concerns and is not easy to recycle. It is stronger than wood but is more expensive. Both the aluminum and fiberglass promote condensation and are considered second rate choices.

Many people have a budget that does not allow for replacing all windows in the home. An alternative is to purchase salvaged frames which are very economical. It is best to avoid very old wooden windows because they are very often painted with lead paint and are less energy efficient.

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