Working In The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

What does FMCG mean?

The phrase FMCG means retail goods which are generally ‘used up’ quickly over a number of days or weeks. The term FMCG stands for fast moving consumer goods. The term FMCG contrasts to major appliances or durable goods such as kitchen appliances and other goods which are generally not replaced within one year.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods have a very short shelf life due to two reasons in particular. The first reason relates to the fact consumers need the goods quickly and frequently, the second is that the goods are often highly perishable therefore they need to be replaced quickly.

The shelf life of fast moving consumer goods is generally extremely short as goods like this include fruit, fresh meat, veg, dairy products and other perishable consumables. Other FMCG’s such as alcohol, toiletries and household cleaning products also have very quick turnaround rates.

Consumers think of fast moving consumer goods as being the everyday items they buy, things they don’t need to consider too much before they buy and things that are typically very low in price.

Marketers would view FMCG products as being high in volume, low in contribution margins, and having a high stock turnover.

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