Working Toward Your Administrative Assistant Certificate Online

If you have goals and dreams of getting a better job and a higher salary, you may want to consider getting your administrative assistant certificate online. Many companies are seeking individuals with the necessary skills to fill some very challenging but interesting positions. Being certified will increase your chances of landing that longed-for career.

This type of career allows you to organize and maintain a professional office setting. You may quickly become indispensable to your immediate supervisor. You will be exposed to various facets of the workplace, some of which you can learn from and use for upward mobility in the future. The tuition for these office programs is very reasonable and can be expanded upon if you wish to increase your knowledge after beginning the coursework.

There are multiple skills that these online classes can teach you. Some of them include business writing, filing, social media marketing, scheduling, office technology, phone skills and power point presentations. Travel and meeting set-up and coordination may also be taught. Working with these strengths may make you a power house in your office domain.

If you do not find a position right away, sign on with a temporary agency to gain much needed experience and exposure. Make a point to work for a temp-to-hire establishment if you find that perfect location. Freelancing is also an option if you can get the word out about your skills and availability. Other jobs which use many of the same skills include front desk personnel, personal assistants, receptionists, administrative coordinators, office managers, and executive assistants.

This type of work usually offers regular working hours. It is so much better than working in a field such as the restaurant business or the medical industry where schedules can conflict with family life. This can be especially important in a home with school age children.

Joining the Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) can provide benefits such as networking, awards for job excellence, tips for advancement and more. The standards set for members can help you maintain professionalism and encourage you to seek more skills. Certification is offered after participants have worked in the field for two to four years and have passed exams on their skills.

Jobs are plentiful in this field and will continue to be as long as companies keep growing and technology increases. It takes a special person to be the support staff to executives, CEOs and COOs – they will rely on you and your new found skills to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently.

Working at this type of position would be a great start. You would gain knowledge, visibility and upward mobility. Keeping current on new technologies would also make yourself more marketable. Even if you start out at the bottom of a company, the experience you would get could easily propel you upward very quickly. Education, used correctly, is always well worth the time, dollars and energy spent.

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