Yard Light Just Ok – Outdoor Flood Lights Review

Although this might work with most things, particularly outdoors where you want to direct the light, it failed close quarters in our pantry. Regardless of these comments, still happy with its operation. It’s very responsive to light and movement. However for humans they have been 100% dead on.

They didn’t make me go wow but they’re worth the cash.

I used the template included in the box to locate the two screws, set up three rechargeable D batteries, set the light switches to bright and also to stay on two minutes and waited until dark. It gets no protection from the sun and rain. Purchased two and am pleased with them – work as marketed – cord is really a tad short, but apart from that excellent merchandise.

It happened two times before I realized the main reason. The outdoor flood lights work completely and are extremely easy to set up.

They illuminate nicely and stay on as long as motion is sensed, which may be a problem for those who have dogs walking around those lights at night. They’ve been set up for about a few months and they provide light outdoors, which is what they’re supposed to do, right? Ace hardware doesn’t charge their clients a delivery cost for their low voltage light bulbs. The product includes a significant design defect. From the four units I ordered two had to be sent back for replacement.

The merchandise appeared to be top quality. Here’s your only choice if you are looking for a plug-in motion flood light. Among the first things I did the next day was to get on the web to locate a movement sensor security light. I’m ordering two more for others parts of the home. I did not try slaving it off with an additional light either. I love that they’re not brass – brass doesn’t do well so near to the ocean. Appears like they came off an old tugboat. Simple to install and also the quality is nice.

The tempered glass housing is extremely thick. So, to those individuals who are skeptical, I would say these LED window candles give you a great “bang for your buck”. Works on battery. I am so glad I found a pleasant looking sensor light that looks fantastic on my home (it’s a reddish brown). I contemplated purchasing the bigger version of the item, but am pleased with the eight inch version. I contacted the organization to see if the knob could be changed and I was tersely informed that it could not.

Lots of light for my grill.

Most reviewers give these GE LED light bulbs high reviews. These outdoor flood lights are awesome.