Alabama Police Records Public Information

Alabama has updated a large database of public data including that of the police records Alabama. This records repository has been around for many years already and is still in operation up to these days. These are the pieces of information on the police reports done by the authorities across the State. However, take note that this type of report does not mean that a person being suspected of the crime was convicted and was sentenced therefore to imprisonment. He or she could have been released immediately without solid evidences which would have led to the person\’s indictment.

The law in Alabama is implemented by the different authorities and law enforcement agencies. But, they are all spearheaded by the Department of Public Safety whose job is to monitor all the works done by the respective law enforcers like narcotics, highway patrol and among others. The said office orders an automatic documentation of police records whenever someone gets arrested. The police report contains information about the name of the suspect, crime committed, date and location where it happened and the name of the arresting officer.

Once the police see a probable cause to file a case against someone, then it shall be carried out by bringing the case to the court for hearing. The police records then become active and can be viewed whenever urgently needed for court proceedings. If there is no legal basis for a complaint, then the police record of an individual will be removed from the police\’ records database. The active police documents are more often leveraged for background checking purposes. It does not hold a lot of information but it would certainly say something about the attitude or personality of the suspect.

Those who search for legal records in Alabama can only perform a fingerprint-based search. On this note, you must visit a local enforcement unit where you can have the fingerprinting at $25.00, payable via money order or a certified check to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. The next thing you do is fill out an official copy of the records request form and pay for another fee as a service charge for the retrieval of such documents. The results of your application will be sent by mail or be handed over to you in person if you decide to come to the office yourself. It takes 5 to 10 working days before you acquire the information.

To make is more feasible for the local residents to perform the request today, State officials have authorized the local law enforcement units to release copies of police reports to anybody who is eligible to place an application. By doing so, the job to supply everyone with legal documents should become lighter this time since they no longer do it in one place like before when they had to accommodate all the requests at the State\’s main records repository. Moreover, both the state and county records offices have maintained a records website where the public can just search for the said type of files. So, the task becomes real easy even more because it can be done online to save a lot of your time and effort.

In today\’s continuing advancement of modern technology, local police records are within reach at your fingertips. You only have to provide the right information to an existing web-based records service in order to generate the facts that you have been looking for. This time, there is no need to wait in line and do the paper works. Just pay for the service charge and your online records provider will do the rest of the work.

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