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IT Resources and Cloud Computer 6 Reasons to Move Your Business IT Resources

Everyone has heard of cloud computer and if you\’ve been looking for a faster, more efficient solution for your company\’s IT resources, are a definitive option. The real estate needed to store large servers is no longer needed in addition, you can reduce costs such as utilities and staff. Moving the current network infrastructure and hardware as an IT nightmare for most IT leaders however, the cloud has a more streamlined approach for transferring data and systems. Below are just a few positive benefits to moving toward cloud solutions.

Hardware Space

Rack servers take up large areas of real estate. You also have certain requirements for your server rooms. For instance, your server room must be constantly cooled, placed away from outside windows and always have a door with tight security. All of these issues are eliminated with cloud computing virtualization. You\’ll still need some server room equipment, but you can reduce the real estate as you move servers to the cloud.

Energy Fees

Secure rooms for servers are always a large portion of the companies energy cost. Air conditioning is running at all times every day all day. Companies using cloud services are automatically employee power reduction processes. Saving money on these services gets passed to the company or tenant. The reduction of energy alone is one significant reason to consider cloud services.

IT Employees

Because you manage your own server room currently you must pay employees to be available on call. And given the extensive equipment server types of skills are required so sometimes multiple personnel handle their area of specialty. Cloud solutions allow companies to save costs by turning over some support responsibility to the cloud service provider. Hosting companies are replacing hardware and monitoring power, air conditioning, etc.

Storage and Backups

Data centers can handle petabytes of storage capacity. You no longer need to buy expensive hard drives or equipment. You also have fast upload and download speeds, so you can transfer gigabytes at a time. Some companies still use old tape drive technology to store backups, and tape drives are slow for backing up and replacing corrupted data.

Securing Data

Information security can become expensive but if a company lacks security the costs are much higher. Especially if you don\’t have the right security. Cloud service providers offer higher level of security than most small businesses posses. Even the backups are secure and stored off site.

Smaller IT Budgets

Cloud service costs are pay-as-you-grow so a company can start small and increase in size as their needs dictate. No longer is expensive equipment needed even if you don\’t use it. As your environment needs increase the resources can be scaled in response. You can also reduce when you need less, something you can never do if you own your own equipment.

Moving your IT resources is an unknown and sometimes frightening proposition for most business owners and managers, but it\’s worth the effort. The time and energy savings alone are significant for small businesses. Make sure you choose the right provider, which can be done as long as you research the company and look at your contract before signing it.

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