BBQ Spit Roast is Ideal for Special Events

Even in the country, the delicious aroma of a barbecue travels across the area and announces that the season has officially started. Whether you have a deck or patio, celebrate good weather with outside events. Whether you use a traditional red and white checkered tablecloth or placemats, nothing will distract from the delicious food set out on the table. A spit roast provides a very delectable meal when it is prepared over the grill and cooked slowly. Perfect for special occasions or an ordinary meal at home, it is an ideal offering for guests and family.

Appoint someone to clean the grill, including the parts of the spit. Rinse them thoroughly and wipe them dry. The roast may be wrapped with cooking cord and you can add more if it seems to be needed. Use a toothpick to poke several holes in the roast and insert small bits of garlic and onion that will add flavor while cooking. Prepare a marinade in a large zip bag, add the roast and refrigerate it overnight. Set shakers on the table and let everyone season to taste.

Plan the menu by asking ahead of time about food allergies, likes and dislikes. Adults usually want a more balanced meal, so prepare steaks or roast beef along with the side dishes. The types of food to prepare on the barbecue are unlimited. Any time is a good time for a barbecue and while the spit roast is cooking, you can prepare other foods you plan to serve. A BYOC or Bring Your Own Chair event helps with seating as guests bring camp chairs or stools. At times, you will find the group hanging out by the barbecue, waiting for everything to finish cooking.

In the event you decide to have hamburgers as well as the roast, you can make them plain or fancy. Slice mushrooms and tomatoes ahead of time. Fry strips of bacon in the morning, drain the grease and spread them out in a packet of foil. Then reheat anything by placing it on the grill or in the microwave before putting it on the table where guests can reach and add it to their plate. Cheddar, provolone and jack cheese are all delicious slices to put on the hamburger before eating. Cheese melts faster when covered with the bun.

Impress guests with great lighting around the deck and yard, such as fancy, colorful solar lights. They brighten pathways and steps around the yard. Colorful solar lights in the pool, pond or garden area are a great conversation piece. Automatic timers ensure that lights come on when the shadows start to lengthen. Both economical and eco-friendly, people will relax more with the glow chasing away the dark of night and adding to safety from tripping or falling.

Organize the barbecue by using toss-away plastic flatware and paper plates, napkins, and cups. Make it easy for your guests to dump their trash by setting trash bins around the area. Hang weights to avoid having the tablecloth, plates and food ending up blown off the table by the breeze. Cleanup is even easier when you pack up the remaining food and send it home with guests and family members. The event will be fun, as well as a success.

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