Conference Energisers and Icebreakers

If you’re organising a conference this spring it is more crucial than ever, to ensure that you, your organisation and your delegates reap the most maximum of benefits from every event you invest in. So, you certainly don’t want your delegates falling asleep from boredom and inactivity.

The going’s tough at many conferences; full on lectures from dawn to dusk and then a heavy night of partying. No wonder the attention span for most is like that of a gnat! You don’t want delegates falling asleep at the slightest opportunity.

To give a good level of engagement with your audience you need to inject some fun, energy and activity. Energiser sessions are great for breaking the ice, gaining attention and getting delegates warmed up ready for the next session. They are best when entwined throughout the day at strategic times. Guests benefit from a break in the schedule and return with enthusiasm and focus.

It’s uncomfortable to sit for hours at a time, especially in tight seating or in a hot, stuffy room. Get your delegates moving!

If you strike lucky and have lots of empty space, the sheer volume of choice of team building activities to restore the energy in the group is amazing. Perhaps you have space outside? Or a hotel located by a beach? Though you do need to be aware that moving a large audience just a short distance will take much longer than you think. Allow twice the time for a smaller group. Quite often it is better to break for coffee and have the hotel staff re-organise the room for your conference energiser during that time.

If you are seated in rows or around tables the situation is trickier, especially if no one can move. Think about energisers that can be lead from the front. Here’s some suggestions:


Singing (African is brilliant for this)

Circus Skills – bit of space needed




Mexican wave

Junk Funk – make music from old tin cans, dustbin lids etc

Percussion – remember school days? Symbols, triangles, casternets etc.

Communication games eg. Origami, balloon animals etc.


The ideal conference would have a warm-up ice breaker session to start in the morning to get people mixing, chatting and getting to know others.

In the graveyard slot after lunch there would be some sort of physical activity to re-connect with the conference and raise energy levels. Finally there would be a closing conference energiser to end the day on a high and have participants leave elated and looking forward to coming back the next day! It’s a worthwhile investment!

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