Benefits Of Rotary Tablet Press Machines

May do not know this, but in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals a press machine is required in the final stages of the process. Some firms use single phase machines while some use the more advanced Rotary Tablet Press machines. These are used to create the tablet medicines that are commonly swallowed. As time progresses so does technology in all the fields of science.

In the earlier days, tablets were placed on conveyor belts where they were compressed and packed by the use of foils. This resulted in high production costs and great material wastage. Additionally, the use of human hands to do the work exposed the drugs to transfer of infections like bacteria. The current methods are majorly automated and require minimal human contact if at all.

The powdered medicine is first compressed under very high pressure by the hardened steel plates in the press machine. The machine is programmed to produce precisely sized and shaped tablets with measured weights for dosage requirements. This process is also applied in the production of cosmetic products and other cleaning products for the market.

The process basically consists of flow, compression and ejection of the final product. Flow involves passing the powdered material into the press. It is then compressed to compact it into the desired sizes and shapes. The final stage is ejection of the tablet for packaging and release to the market.

Two punches combine in action with a punching dye to create the desired shape and size of tablet. The powder fills the specific dyes which are then closed then a high pressure roller comes in to compress the material. The dyes then give way to release the tablet as a final product.

These press machines comes with several benefits. Owning one has great cost benefit ratio. Cleaning one is a simple process and is easy to operate hence very high yields. For one to change the format no much skill is required and the parts are easy to reassemble therefore the short cleaning time.

They come with in-built dust extraction making the head section dust free. They have vacuum regulation and if one desire, a window display for large format indication. They come with very good accuracy even under stress like thermal and static. Their working safety is known to be very good and comes with long maintenance intervals.

Many types of these machines exists, these includes single-punch press and Rotary Tablet Press machines. The rotary press offer very high speeds and can hold many punches for mass production and time saving benefits. Dyes and punches are designed specifically for every job meaning the shapes and sizes are unique to a customer’s needs. The process monitoring is automated and the components of these machines are of very high quality. When buying one for pharmaceutical use, consider choosing one with a closed system so as to avoid cross-contamination. The amount of tablets it can produce in a specified time should also be considered in addition to its ability to change the charging and compression modules easily. For the best in production, always go for the high performance machines and you will not be disappointed.

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