Bestselling Monuments Men Book Sneak Peek

The Monuments Men book is set in Nazi Europe and tells the tale of a little known US Army unit. This unit, known as the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives section is given special orders delivered straight from President Roosevelt by way of General Eisenhower himself, to protect the cultural artifacts that were made vulnerable by the war coursing around them. The soldiers who formed this select group were known as, “The Monuments Men.”

Between the declaration of D-Day and VE Day, the unit was operational and set to work seeking out precious art works that were being pilfered by the Nazis. Hitler was taking priceless works of art and what he was not taking for his collections, he was destroying. The powers that be had noted what was happening and were putting their foot down to save the pieces of art and monuments for mankind.

This often neglected aspect to the war in Europe makes for fascinating reading. You are invited into the world of intrigue as a collection of specially chosen unit members ranging from professiona such as archivists, curators and educators hunt down priceless artworks and save them from the Nazis. Much was at risk as the Nazis picked off masterpieces and destroyed without a second thought art that was determined to be “degenerate”.

The author of the book is Robert M Edsel, who gave up his profession in the United States to move to Europe and explore his passions. Along the way he began to investigate what happened to artworks and pieces of cultural importance during the World Wars. With his curiosity piqued, he began to unravel its fascinating history.

Edsel has also written and published Rescuing Da Vinci, which directly draws upon the experience he had in Italy. He has also been involved with documentary film making about this time in history and the protection of culture when under attack in time of war. Most recently, the book has been made into a movie produced and screen-written by George Clooney.

Edsel is also the author of Rescuing Da Vinci, which explores an impressive art heist. Originally Edsel was involved in gas and oil business, but left the industry in order to indulge his love of the arts, and moved to Florence, Italy. Upon visiting some of the great city’s museums he began to wonder about how so many of the pieces on display had made it through the world wars unscathed and intact.

The book has been made into a movie produced, written and starring George Clooney. Other cast members that bring the pages to life on the silver screen include some of Hollywood’s hottest actors, such as: Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett. The movie is scheduled for release in 2014 by Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

If you are looking for a thrilling tale that is intertwined with an often unexplored aspect of history, then the Monuments Men book is for you. History lovers, adventure buffs and lovers of a good, edge of your seat, story will be more than satisfied with this offering. Look out for it now.

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