Boost The Handling And Suspension For Your Car

Coilovers will provide a vehicle with great racing capacity and enable the driver to modify its height without changing out the springs. With a sleeve that is threaded over your shocks, the height of your car can easily be adjusted.

The point of shock absorbers is to absorb the shock as the car travels over bumps and holes in the road. If you purchase some after market shocks you can boos your cars handling by quite a lot, especially when traveling over imperfections. The job of the shock absorbers can also be done by a strut. The driver will be responsible for determining whether there are struts or absorbers installed on the vehicle.

Not only will lowering the springs give your vehicle a more low-to-the-road appearance, but it also gives you greater handling ability. This is accomplished through taking down the vehicle’s center of gravity, thus enabling the driver to take corners far more quickly and adeptly. A side effect of this however is the fact the springs have less of an ability to absorb shocks which leads to a bumpier ride.

You can boost the stability of your car by using sway bars, they do this by connecting both sides of your suspension. Stock sway bars are usually small so using aftermarket ones that are thicker you are able to increase the stability of your car and cutting down on under steer. This will allow you to accelerate through turns rather than have to brake.

One thing to consider is that the camber of your tires will change when you change the height of your car. Because your tires will no longer be perpendicular to the road, one side of the tire will wear more quickly than the other. You can fix this issue with a camber kit, so make sure you calculate the difference from stock and make the required adjustments.

Aftermarket brake kits are absolutely necessary for high performance vehicles. Braking is crucial on all types of cars, be it track cars or quarter mile beasts. The faster the car goes the better the brakes need to be. You can’t get away with merely swapping out stock brake pads. An additional benefit to be found in aftermarket brakes is that they are far more aesthetically appealing than stock brakes and can be painted with any color you’d like to use.

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