Boost Your Revenue with a 10 Day Fitness Program

People often talk about how it takes 21 days to start a habit. But did you know that it takes just 10 days to drive new revenue and raving fans into your business? Creating simple, replicable 10-day group programs can be a moneymaker in any fitness business. Learn how to execute this format from takeoff to touchdown, and get ready to increase your bottom line and deepen your impact in your community.

All kinds of individuals can do ten day programs, regardless of their level of fitness. Many people find it easy to commit to just ten days. And once they get a taste of it, they will become repeat customers and will probably bring their friends with them. It is a good idea to continually change the camp’s theme and prizes. Even if you change it up each time, your clients will know they will always have a great time.

As you run these programs, you will notice that you will have repeat clients who keep coming back because they love it so much. But you will also have new faces probably every single time you run it. This will create a good mix of both regular clients and fresh, new customers.

If you run these ten day camps on a regular basis, you will see your profits increase. And if you do not own your own fitness studio, that is okay. You do not have to own a gym in order to do these camps. Simply find a place to hold them, such as a local church building or school gym. You might even be able to use a studio that is normally used for dance classes.

What is a 10-Day Fat Blasting Boot Camp? It’s an experience. In addition to the workouts, we offer coaching. We stay in touch with participants daily with a quick, motivating email or a private Facebook Group message. We also offer some extras. We help clients succeed by arming them with daily fitness homework; simple food guidelines; and a journal to track their meals, snacks, water, homework and workouts.

Taking bodily weights and measurements is also a good idea. Do this at the beginning of the camp and again at the end of it, so that your clients can see how far they have come!

Author Vito La Fata is an entrepreneur and coach who can teach you how to own a business. Visit his website and let him be your fitness business coach.