Custom Knives And Other Items Make The Best 48 Hour Emergency Kits

A basic 48 hour emergency kit is something every family should have. They should contain items like food to eat, water to drink and custom knives for protection and cloths. Emergencies happen all the time. It could be something as common as the power going out for a few days because of a tornado or having to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.

These kits are generally a collection of items people could need to survive during an unplanned emergency. It is often best to have all these things put together so they are easily reached within a moments notice. If you end up leaving it is not likely you will have extra time to start searching through your items to pick or choose what it is you will need for the following few days or have an opportunity to get them in local stores.

To survive an emergency you need three simple things; water, food and a small amount of general supplies. You should also plan for these small supplies to last you or your family for around 48 hours. Many times there are federal, state and local government agencies that try to help people out but they often do not get to everybody immediately. They may get to you in a few hours or several days.

It is also vital that your kit is planned without possibly having common conveniences. Many times the simple things people take always for granite like sewage or water treatment, electricity, phone or gas may not work. They may be off for some time and your kit should always reflect this.

Every kit requires around a gallon of fresh water. Breaking this into smaller bottles is often the best plan. You should also pack some small filters and iodine just in case your water runs out and more water has to be treated and filtered.

Planning for food is a little harder. Granola and oatmeal bars make great high calorie snacks. Mixed nuts and honey are two items that will not spoil if stored for a long time. Canned tuna and chicken is good for making impromptu meals. Dried beans, oats and of course jerky are good for rounding out meals. A small bag of hard candy, tootsie rolls/pops or gum is good to break up the day for snacks.

Some general things you should have are batteries and a flashlight. A hand crank radio. A lighter waterproof matches and candles for extra light. You should have some showering and toiletry items and first aid kit packed. Some more things are duct tape, eating utensils, a can opener and pocket knife.

If you have the room some extra items you can add to your two day hour kit are a waterproof jacket, change of clothing and your favored custom knives. You might bring some can goods like meals and soups but try getting the condensed cans. Remember these kits need to be portable and easily accessible. Try to check through them at least every 6 months or so to keep them up to date so they can go at a moments notice.

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