Iphone 5/5S Battery Case Is A Necessity

Charging at least two times a day is the norm for iPhone 5 and 5s users. Because of the wonderful and full pack features that this phone offers, one can’t help but to use it all the time. Thus, it is inevitable to use up most of your phone’s battery life in just half of the day. Surf on-the-go, play the popular games, use the latest applications, take pictures and videos with your friends and family and a lot more-those are the things you can do with your iPhone. No one can deny that this slim-designed technology is powerful-at least for 8 hours.

iPhone 5 or 5s’ battery life is not that bad but it can only last at least up to 8 hours on talk time and same with using 3G or 4G connection, which makes it an awful problem for a lot of iPhone users. Most iPhone users are prominent people like businessmen, company executives, writers, and professionals such as doctors, photographers, lawyers, designers, engineers, architects, and a lot more.

They choose iPhones not just for the sake of because it is an iPhone, but because it is a necessity for them since the phone’s features cater to their needs in their given professions. In that case, their phone needs to be fully charged all the time so they can attend to the demands of their work, but not all of them can always recharge their phones since they work outside the office.

Of course, if you are an iPhone 5 and 5s user, you still want to experience the slimness of this powerful smartphone. There’s this brand of iPhone 5/5s battery case called Vority X5S iPhone 5/5s Battery Case that is slim-designed to evoke the spirit of an iPhone 5 and 5s (which is slimmer than the other versions of iPhone).

Vority offers an innovative and very stylish iPhone 5/5s battery case which has a full description as the Vority X5S iPhone 5/5s Battery Case. Inside the box are: the iPhone 5/5s battery case, a Micro USB Charging Cable used to charge both the iPhone and the battery case, the seven colorful spare frames in blue, red, slate, green, smoke, pink and purple which will suit the style and the mood of the iPhone user, an audio jack extender, and a user manual.

Aside from being a battery case, it has a landscape kickstand which can be used for a hands-free video watching and Facetime sessions with friends or relatives. All the features of the iPhone 5 and 5s can be used even without removing the case.

The quality of the video and audio features of the phone won’t be affected; on the contrary, it actually enhances those features. Moreover, the product comes with seven transparent spare frames in blue, red, slate, green, smoke, pink and purple which can be removed and can be changed depending on the color you like for the day. You can match your outfit with the color of your iPhone’s frame that fits your style.

This iPhone 5/5s battery case is definitely a wonderful idea to be a gift to an special person you know this Christmas season. This case won’t disappoint you but will give you confidence when giving it to someone since you know how wonderful this product is and thus it will be appreciated well.

Johny Jacson is an expert of battery case. To find out everything about this great iPhone 5/5S Battery Case, visit his page Vority iPhone 5/5S Battery Case.