Effective Way For Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning

Pet odor carpet cleaning is one of the most perplexing tasks a homeowner can be faced with. Whether you have moved into a new home where pet odors and stains are common, or you are a pet owner who has met these challenges before, the points highlighted in this article can help you do this task effectively.

To begin with, you need to identify those areas with pet urine on your carpets. It is true that the smell from the urine is very irritating. It is therefore good to spot the exact areas that are covered with the urine so that you can clean them first. After you have spotted the areas, proceed to the market and buy an effective enzymatic pet odor remover.

To completely remove the smell, you should start by pouring the cleaner on the area covered by the urine. Then, cover the area with a piece of cardboard or any other type of opaque material. Do not leave the place open because it will dry quickly before the enzymatic remover has reacted fully. So, you should consider timing yourself well.

There are also other ways that can be used to get rid of urine smells from carpets. These may include the soaking the affected part in vinegar, application of baking soda solution, and the use of color safe bleaches. Although these methods have not yet been proved effective, they can help you to at least reduce the odor smell. Note that nothing can beat the high quality enzymatic remover.

You also need to think about removing of other common odors. It is true that the urine is not the only odor. You can find pet remains on carpets that need also to be removed. Removing such remains is not as difficult as eliminating urine on carpets. After cleaning removing all the odors on the carpets, it is good to spray the kennels with a solution of baking soda. This is to make the place smell good.

When it comes to stains on carpets, the hot water extraction process is the best option. Consider removing the stain as soon as it occurs. Soak up the stain first and apply a carpet cleaning solution. Never scrub vigorously on the stained area. Deep scrubbing is likely to drive the stain deeper into the fiber. In essence, you should first saturate, soak, and then do light scrubbing in order to get rid of stains.

If you try all this and you realize that nothing seems to work, you should think of replacing your carpets. When removing the carpets, make sure that the urine has not saturated the flooring beneath. If a small part of the floor is affected, thoroughly clean the area before you bring a new carpet.

None of these methods can actually beat the deep steam cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner. Consider hiring an expert that uses the hot water extraction method. This can actually be very effective in pet odor carpet cleaning. A professional will also advice you on how to take care of these odors in future.

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