Empower Network – Proof That It Delivers!

Just to cut the bullshit as soon as possible, I am an affiliate with Empower Network, I am really proud of that fact, and I’m proud for great reason.

Just a bit about my story just before we move on, I have been in the home based business field for a total of 6 years, and have been doing internet marketing for about 3 of those years. In that little patch of suffering I have experienced incredibly little of anything aside from crushing rejection from my friends and relatives, from my own mom nearly disowning me, to my best friend coming close to actually throwing fists at my head, and additional joyous moments.

It really didn’t take long for me to feel completely hopeless in the conventional network marketing environment, and with that I eventually found my way to the field of online marketing. With my 3 year venture into this realm was a nice warm fuzzy sensation of absolute absence or rejection, and it felt positively wonderful.

Of course, it’s tough for people to reject you if people have absolutely no idea that you exist. I was clueless about this for a minimum of 2 years, and completely drained of the will to live for the rest of it. I felt like I knew just what to do, but at this point I had actually made a massive … wait for it …

$ 53 !!!! WOOHOO !!! For 6 years of work I now have something to show off for my sacrifice and effort! Life was good … Of course that wasn’t $ 53 profit, mind you, as all of my cash was going into the primary site, tools and whatever deep, dark abyss my money was going into. I would certainly share with you how much money I spent in all this time, however to be honest I really don’t know (and most likely don’t want to know.)

When Empower Network came into being I was already battered, beaten, and broke. But there was just something about it that simply made too much sense in many different ways, from the technical standpoint (if you’re an SEO enthusiast, the domain name from currently having age and authority with Google means that you can easily begin ranking on Google immediately instead of waiting 90 days to see if Google trusts your website or not) to the monetary perspective, that being that from each sale you make you make 100 % of those commissions. That didn’t simply speak to me … it sang to me.

Among the various reasons I believe Empower Network is such an incredible organization to partner up with is this: If you make only ONE sale with Empower Network, you break even with your expenses virtually right away.

Yes, off of just one sale. I am living evidence of this.

How is this possible? Again, Empower Network is the only home based business that I am currently aware of that really offers you 100 % commissions from your sales. When you do the work, you get the cash. It’s that easy.

But What Was It That Actually Sealed the Deal for Me with Empower Network?

This post was written almost promptly after the Empower Network “Fight the Forces of Evil” function in San Diego.

Of course I could certainly reveal you images of big checks all day long, however in reality cash alone is not going to drive us forward, and it may or might not make us remain for the long run. What really has me holding on for the long haul are the extraordinary individuals that I have actually met inside this company.

In fact one person that I hold in really high esteem is a gentleman by the name of Rob Fore. Of all of the breakthroughs I experienced at this function, he was personally responsible for the biggest one of all; how to break through the pain, habits, and hangups in our subconscious mind that stop us from what we want in our lives.

Just what Was It that Made You Interested About Associating with Empower Network?

I could go on and claim “Empower Network is AWESOME! You should join NOW !!!” (and you should ^ _ ^) however the genuine question is what brought you here to consider Empower Network? What pain drove you to look at this article, and most importantly, how can we help you on your mission to stop that discomfort?

If you are searching for a method to put a stop to whatever pain that you may be in at this moment, if you are feeling the pain of just barely keeping you or your household economically afloat, or if you just have no time to spend doing the things you like, with the people you enjoy, since you’re shackled to your work, or whatever else it may be right now, if you are willing to put forth the work required to pull yourself away from that mess, this is by far the best means that I have experienced to get from that mess.

There are actually hundreds of home based businesses I could have attached my name with at this point, but there is a reason that I am still here, and will continue to be here for the long run. The straightforward reason is this: I get results. For the first time in 6 years I have finally obtained real, tangible results in my business. That is an incredible sensation, and I want to help you experience that exact same awesome sensation. Just Click Here and we’ll go over in far greater detail what it takes to succeed with Empower Network.

Roy Dunne is a 6 year veteran in the home business field, and has done considerable research of Empower Network . If you feel that Empower Network is a fit for you, then click the link above for further information.