Factors That Make Up A Great Camping Tent

No matter if you’re preparing a nice relaxed family camping trip on a fully featured campground or if you’re going backpacking through the great outdoors, you’ll need to be adequately equipped with the most practical tent for your needs. There are some core factors you will want to look at before you embrace the specifics of your actual vacation. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

The capacity of your tent is the initial thing that you might need to check out. To some people it can be misleading when reading the size specifications. The size of a camping tent is gauged by the amount of people they can accommodate. As an example a four-man tent can sleep four people.

The puzzling thing for the uninitiated camper is that outdoors tents appear way to small to fit the number of people as they say they can. This is because the size is based on the maximum people sleeping virtually on top of each other. If you need to have any space for luggage or you would like to sleep far from the sides of your tent then you need to get a tent above the number of people who will be sleeping in it. For example, a 4 man tent is ideal for a husband and wife who need to have a lot of room each side of a bed for their bags, or for three campers with no luggage but with a bit of space to shift.

Rainwater resistance is another significant characteristic of any tent. Unless you’re camping in the desert you’ll normally need to possess a tent that can ensure staying water proof for as long as it will be standing. This is for clear reasons!

Bulkiness and set up time is a matter that you may need to take a close look at if you are to be making use of your camping tent on a hike. It can take a great deal of fulfillment away from your hike if you are laden with a heavy tent what then takes ages to set up each day. And spending forever taking it down in the morning is not a great way to commence a day’s walking either.

Lightweight hiking tents are more expensive but well worth purchasing if you are serious about making it the most pleasurable adventure. However not everybody needs to have this characteristic, such as those who stay on a family site and do not need to shift it around regularly can save money by purchasing a tent without these features. These factors are just a small number of the decisions people will have to consider when selecting a camping tent. Certainly, there are of course lots more to consider but this ought to get one off on the right foot.

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