How Cheap Backlinks Can Backfire

Cheap backlinks can be very handy and this may be the reason why people spend a lot on them. Those who have operated a website shall understand the vitality of increasing traffic to the website. In fact, traffic to any website depends a lot on SEO or search engine optimization and rankings are affected based on total traffic incoming to a website.

Those who have understood the importance of back links have gone on to incorporate this a lot into their websites without realizing the penalty suffered for not screening them first. In an attempt to save money, many even go to the extent of purchasing cheap backlinks in a limited budget, which in turn means that they get third class or often free links. This strategy is dangerous as it can easily backfire.

When a viewer to any website chances upon a link that redirects them to your webpage, it is called as a back link. Consider this a gateway to your portal and the more you have the more visitors you gather. In return, search engines award you with a better rank than other competing sites. One very popular link is social media links that arises from Web 2.0 properties like Facebook.

After highlighting the advantages, we shall move on to the disadvantages or perils of cheap backlinks. First, let us look at how social sites are driving the value of good back links higher. Search engines trust social networking sites and book marking sites a lot more hence any link to your website that appears here shall be instantly picked up by a Search Engine and taken into consideration. This means that these two places are potential gold mines waiting to be exploited by those with the capacity to do so.

Now a major component of the drawbacks of improper back linking is determining which links hold value and which do not. Some people believe that the do follow links are more valuable than no follow links while others rate each with some points. Hence, if you have more follow links then it is better than you but do not avoid the no follow links.

The draw back with cheap back links is that linking with dissimilar websites penalizes your rank. Moreover, any traffic that comes your way will instantly leave your site as they will not find information that they were seeking. Both hurt your rankings. Another drawback in budget links is that webmasters may simply convert your do follow link to no follow because the outsourcing company might have not communicated their concerns with the webmaster.

Most back linking experts who are specialized in finding cheap backlinks tend to give third class links either from unrelated sites or that are no follow by nature. This shall hurt your entire SEO work and can give you poorer ranks than normal.

Hence, opt for linking experts who are giving you assured do follow links to related websites even if they charge a lot more for their services. At least, you shall get assured rankings. Cheap backlinks are good as far as costs are concerned but when you are trying to improve search engine rankings it is better to stick with tried and tested methods of linking.

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