Flavor Ideas for an E Cig

One of the main reasons people love the e cig is because it comes in diverse flavors. I have a good friend who smokes an e cig per day and his favorite flavors include chocolate, kiwi, banana and strawberry. The e cig is versatile in flavors and since there are so many brands of the e cig on the market, you’re bound to find delicious flavors. I’m going to pretend that I’m a e cig fan who wants to suggest new flavors to an up-and-coming e cig company.

You can research the electronics cigarette by reading some health newsletters at local clinics or community health fairs. The brochures you see at these fairs have detailed information on electronics cigarette and how you can get the most benefits out of the electronics cigarette. Another thing you can do is contact the director of the clinic and learn more about this cigarette.

One good place to buy an electric cigarette at a discount price is through mail-order catalogs. When you order mail-order catalogs that specialize in electric cigarettes, you’ll get electric cigarettes that come in various sizes of cartridges and different nicotine levels and flavors. A benefit of ordering electric cigarettes from mail-order catalogs is that you can buy an electric cigarette from the privacy f your home.

Here is where to purchase electronic cigarettes. The local smoke shop offers a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and the owner has expertise in these types of cigarettes and they can recommend the electronic cigarettes that are right for you. Not all smoke shops are the same so it’s a good idea to compare the shops before buying the electronic cigarettes from a certain smoke shop.

Now that you know what is electronic cigarette, here is how to use one. First you want to remove the inhaler from the atomizer and battery. The next step is to place a cigarette-filled cartridge into the inhaler then attach the inhaler to the atomizer, and attach the atomizer to the battery. After you do this you inhale the cigarette. You’ll also need a special charger for the batteries since this what the electronic cigarettes operate on.

There are numerous brands of electronic cigarettes so it’s a good idea to try different ones until you find one that’s right for you. This doesn’t mean that you should try a different brand every week, but you can buy a certain brand and try it for a few weeks then purchase another brand to compare with the brand you previously used.

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