From Basketball to Hockey – College Sports in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is legendary for many things, from the towering Space Needle, to the 1st Starbuck’s coffee bar, to the birthplace of the Grunge music genre, but here’s something you likely do not know. College sports in Seattle include all types of sports: from football to hockey. Below we have some college sports in Seattle for you to check out while in the city.

University of Washington Huskies Football

t’s tricky to understand, but University of Washington football team played their first game in 1889, and by the 1st part of 1900’s, had established the program as a national powerhouse, winning an amazing 63 games in a row from 1907-1917, and continuing that winning custom across the 20 th century, saying four National Titles, 15 Pac-10 (now Pac-12) championships, and a collecting a large number of bowl appearances. Their 1991 team is usually a contender for one of the best in College Football history.

Few events in College sports get as heated as latest match-ups between the Oregon Ducks and the Washington Huskies. So if you get the chance, strap on your purple and gold, and join one of the greatest collegiate fan bases in the West at Husky Stadium for what will definitely be a fun game – The University of Washington Huskies are largely associated with Seattle college football.

Washington Huskies Basketball

Now playing in the Pac-12, the University of Washington has reached a nationally recognized predominance in NCAA Division one Basketball. One of the pre-eminent groups in college sports in Seattle, Huskies basketball has had an extraordinary six NCAA Competition appearances since 2002 (under Lorenzo Romar), making it to the Sweet 16 3 of those times. Playing at the Alaska Airlines Arena on the University of Washington campus, the student section, Husky Alumni and Seattle residents generally supply a fully electrical environment to observe a college basketball game. If you are in the town, don’t pass up the chance.

Other College Sports in Seattle

Baseball at the University of Washington is also an especially strong program nationally, making 2 time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum, who is yearly considered on of the top 5 pitchers in all of Baseball. The Huskies solidly contend for top position and the Pac-12, and always provide fans with a thrilling time. Seattle college Hockey has still to take off as big time sport, but there are a number of things to say here. Hockey is becoming a very strong college sport in Seattle and it might be heading to the National Tournament Championship.

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