Get Creative With Custom Poker Chips

Custom poker chips are a fun idea not only for gift giving but also for business promotion. The possibilities are endless when designing a chip and include such things as unique designs, photos, or lettering. The designs are stamped right on the chip. Additionally a special chip insert can be made for the center of the chip that marks your special event. There may be a minimum number that has to be ordered when designing your own chip.

Personalized betting tokens are available in a full range of colors. The best ones are made of clay and are up to par with casino standards. It is really cool to play with specially made chips at your next poker home game.

It is a good idea to have them created with various denominations. Manufacturers will imprint a value based on your type of game whether low limit or high limit. Having an amount on the face of the chip makes it easier to play poker because you do not have to remember values.

A popular choice for customizing is to print it with a monogram or initials. The choice of text or font can be whatever you want. Another choice is to transfer artwork or a photograph for a unique personalized look. Customized chips are also used for wedding favors or to commemorate other special events such as birthdays, retirement or even births.

Promoting a business is a great reason for creating a customized chip. A slogan or logo can be stamped right on its face. It can also be used as a substitute for a business card. Its a unique tactic for getting a company name out in the market.

custom poker chips have become quite a popular way to remember special occasions, promote businesses or as a unique gift idea. The possibilities in design are endless and limited only by the imagination. The next time you need a unique idea for customization or promotion think poker chip.

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