Physician Dispensing Software: The Basic Facts

The physician dispensing software has been found to greatly reduce the cost of healthcare in areas where it is used. With this software, a physician writes a prescription but the patient receives the medication from a vendor who is licensed to dispense. The system is increasingly being adopted by many individual physicians, bariatric centres and nursing homes.

Providers of this service make it very easy to use for almost anybody. Very little training is required for one to become proficient (usually one to two hours). Customer support is available for users who wish to seek clarification afterwards.

A typical program requires the user to log in before they can start using. They then can be able to select the specific patient they are interested in and the drugs they wish to dispense. This information is usually stored and can be retrieved at a future date whenever there is need to do so. Some of the drugs that can be dispensed using this system include over the counter medication, nutraceutical products, vitamins, injectables, topical drugs, vaccines and so on. Some providers also enable one to dispense equipment such as orthotics.

These programs have a number of advantages to both the patient and the health provider. Patients get their medication without necessarily going to the pharmacy. This saves them both time and money. Chances of making errors have also been observed to be much less compared to manual dispensing. Since they are linked to the web, health care providers can also update drug information so that it is as recent as possible. Lastly, research has established that drug compliance in patients managed using these applications is greatly increased.

The healthcare provider is able to see more patients per day due to reduced interruptions. Dispensing medication will also provide a source of revenue for them. By using the web based solutions, the physicians as well as other staff are able to view patient information such as eligibility, insurance plans, co-pay requirements and so on.

Customized models of physician dispensing software can be adopted based on the specific requirements of the centre. Currently there are models for centres specialised in work comp, cash and carry, non-work comp and adjudication practices. It is usually not necessary for the healthcare providers to pay for these services from their pockets.

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