How Executive Recruiters Work After Your Application

Executive recruitment is one of the leading agency that offers many public and private sector a pool of professionals at the time when they need these talents the most. The agency is famous throughout New Zealand for their continued services in Executive recruitment, change management, leadership roles, management consulting, senior functions and many other services. Executive recruiters methodologies and confidence has seen the agency grow to greater heights and being noticed throughout the region for recruiting best candidates for various posts.

Due to this, the company is always bombarded with lots of applications from job seekers who then find jobs as professionals in different platforms and capacities. However, many people after applying to this agency complain of having their applications ignored. Below are some of the reasons why this happens.

For your application to be considered next time, make sure you follow these steps when applying. Always have the required specifications as dictated on the job advertisement. The recruiters are very specific and if your application misses even one of the requirements, it will be ignored. The recruiter has the impression that you either did not read and understand the advertisement, or maybe you did not read it at all.

Another reason is whether the company itself that has opening, did not communicate clearly the specification of the people they need. Failure to communicate the specification well may make the company pause the recruitment process thereby pausing the recruiting process.

Since the work of the agency is only to employ highly qualified individuals to take their positions in the companies around New Zealand, they will not stop at anything while searching for the perfect candidate. The recruiters get a lot of emails and applications and they barely have time to go into details of each and every job application, therefore any hitch spotted is enough to disqualify you.

Always make sure that the subject line on your application email is straight to the point. If your email is not like this, it slows down the recruiting process and therefore the recruiter always ignores them, moving on to the next email. When one is applying for these jobs, make sure that on your subject line you briefly indicate the post that you are applying for.

Other causes may be typos on the application letter that could put off the recruiter. Recruiters are also human being and since the position might be limited, they will do as they please to remain with only the best applicants. Therefore, if you have typos in your letter, the recruiter will have the impression that you are careless in your work and therefore will not shortlist you. Always proofread your work or have someone to do this.

Others include your attitude, do not be overconfident as it can be read from your application. There are a lot more things that you need to check before submitting your job application. Remember recruiters have limited time against an overwhelming number of applications on a given day. If all these are corrected, chances of an application going through will be more.

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