How It’s Possible To Get Free Traffic For Your Photography Business

I want to ask you a straightforward question. Why is it that each DSLR camera has a video on it? Do you really think that somebody at Nikon or Canon awakened one morning and thought I should put a video on a camera just for the sake of it!! Not at all, it is because of You Tube.

Take a look at these stats:

“Over 1/2 the traffic on the net is video traffic and growing at an amazing rate

“You Tube is the 2nd largest search web site in the world

“You Tube is the 3rd largest site

“Video is changing the Net (Facebook as well)

“You Tube has its own ‘search engine ‘ just like Google

“Google paid circa a $1 bn. To buy You Tube

I'm certain you've got the point. Can you see how powerful video is. Each cameraman I speak to hates video! So did I until I learned how forceful this tool is for my business. I'm able to compare that with the time when most photographers refused to go digital and hated it. Now we do not see many film photographers.

I started putting up videos on You Tube about 2 years back and started to see steady & consistent traffic flowing to my web site/s. You Tube is now the 3rd largest referrer of traffic to my site/s after Google & Facebook. The wonderful thing about video promoting is that you do the work only once and then let the traffic flow to your site. The other great thing about video promoting is that since our work is extremely visual, there isn't any other easier way to put your work in front of an audience.

You Tube is an all-embracing resource for other digital photography tips, sadly, not a great deal of photographers are exploiting this amazing tool.

Uzair Kharawala is a full-time pro photographer. He runs digital photography courses for Nikon and major photography corporations in Britain. He also offers high quality photography online courses on how to be a photographer.