How To Become A Cpa Jacksonville Fl

A certified public accountant is a professional whose skills can be used in various places such as in multinational corporations, nonprofit making organizations and private companies among other areas. The work of such a professional will be to ensure that an organization or business has financial integrity, proper account analysis and strategic tax planning. He also puts in place proper risk management and investment consulting. Many people view the salary of a cpa Jacksonville fl to be very competitive. This is true because of the day to day complexity of his job.

Becoming a cpa is not an easy task as there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. But before getting into the requirements, one must first determine if he or she is cut out for this. For persons struggling with numbers and figures, this might not be a good profession for them as it requires people who are sharp in math.

The first requirement is education. In Florida, a person needs to have at least a bachelors degree in order to take a cpa exam. In most cases, individuals thinking of becoming an accountant usually graduate with an accounting degree while others usually have a degree in business, finance or even a diploma but with a minor in accounting.

There are people who might have attended non accredited institutes in Florida and are wondering if they can apply for this examination. They answer is yes they can although there will be other particular requirements for them to meet. As for candidates who have graduated from non U. S institutions, such persons will need to take their transcripts to a foreign agency to be evaluated.

With a degree, a person can then set to enroll in a certified educational institution. In the institution, one will be taught on the following areas; business law, upper level business and accounting programs. The credit hours of all these courses summed up together should not be less than 120 credit hours.

CPA exam is the next step that follows after satisfying education requirement. The exam is usually standardized for all candidates in the states. Therefore one can register in one place and do the examinations in another place. The examination is computer based and sat in all the certified prometric centers in the state. One ought to prepare well for the papers as failure to do so will lead to one struggling with the exam.

There are several parts which the assessment covers. These include; law and ethics, information systems, financial and cost accounting, federal taxation and government accounting among other areas. The results of the exam are usually mailed to the residence of a person. For those who pass the assessment, their last requirement experience. One can only be licensed after completing this requirement.

All these requirements on becoming a cpa Jacksonville fl are abbreviated as the 3ES; education, exam and experience. One will have to meet all these in order to be certified. For people wondering what the duration of the third requirement is, the answer is a year and it can be taken in a public or private institution. A candidate is usually supervised and verified by a member of the licensing board.

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