The Books Of Award Winning Authors

Despite the prevalence of electronic data, reading is still a valuable and popular way to learn. Many people feel that they can actually absorb the material better by reading from a page, rather than a screen. Taking the time to read a works by award winning authors is still a great tradition that many people are only too happy to continue.

The Pulitzer prize is awarded annually and in several categories. Recipients of the prize often find that all their work is now under scrutiny and they get a tremendous amount of publicity. Even to make it to the last three finalists is a huge honor that can help to get an author some much needed publicity.

With so many great works to choose from readers should decide which genre most interests them. Those who typically read the newspaper every day may like the investigative journalism of The Washington Post. This highly acclaimed publication has published many stories over the years that have rocked the nation and prompted social change. The Pulitzer Prize for journalism is a huge honor that is fought over by journalists every year. Past winners include Dana Priest, who wrote about the government handling of humanitarian issues.

The Pulitzer Prize is also awarded for fiction literature every year. The winners list includes some world famous American writers including the legendary Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is much more than just an author, he really is an icon. His personal life was every bit as colorful as his literary work and his books still attract attention today. It was his work titled The Old Man and the Sea that won the prize in 1953. Most of Hemingway’s work remains in print today and continues to receive excellent reviews.

The Pulitzer Prize for literature is awarded every year to an outstanding work of fiction. Many classic books are past winners of this honor. Writers often focus on social injustices or issues for their books. Not only are readers treated to a compelling narrative, they also get a new take on the problems faced by many of their countrymen.

To Kill a Mockingbird is the perfect example of an outstanding work of fiction that won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize. It focuses on the interactions between a small family in the deep south at a time of serious social discord. The bigger theme of the book is racial inequality which was rampant in much of the United States at the time. Generations of children have learned about what life was like for families, both black and white, in the south at that time. Many schools still have the book on the list of required reading.

One of America’s greatest writers is still Ernest Hemingway. This larger than life character traveled the world and lived the type of life many people can only dream of. His books reflect this and have enthralled readers every since. He managed to incorporate much of the excitement of his own experiences into his characters and settings.

Ernest Hemingway is truly an American icon. Dashing and enigmatic he is one of the countries most famous award winning authors. Hemingway is the embodiment of the charismatic writer who really lived like a storybook hero. His book The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and remains popular today.

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