How to Have a Great Christmas Party

Do you have a couple of things in mind when you find yourself considering what to have at a Christmas gathering this holiday season? Have you considered Christmas vacation moose mugs? If you are likely to have an incredible bash this year, there’s something that you actually really need to have. Yes, you’ll need something to eat, but there should be a little more detail to it than that.

Now the question comes, are you going to serve a meal, or are you going to serve finger foods for light snacking. If you are going to serve a meal, I would suggest serving a turkey or Christmas ham with all of the fixings. But I am just a nostalgic kind of person. But keep this in mind with serving a meal. You must make sure that you have enough meat for everybody. And don’t forget to make some pie too.

Most people feel that having a sit-down meal at their Christmas party is simply too much trouble. Having small portions or finger foods is really the way to go. The fact is, most people probably will be more comfortable with this type of food anyway. The easiest thing would be to have nuts and maybe some “chex” mix.

Have you ever thought to have a cheese ball? Homemade cheese balls can be complicated to make, but here is an easy way to have one without too much trouble.

Just get a block of cream cheese and cover it with a little pepper jelly and serve it with wheat crackers. But don’t forget to serve the cream cheese at room temperature or otherwise it just won’t spread.

But what if you want to have something a little more involved than just some nuts. What about having pigs in a blanket just like a tailgate party. Your guests will find them familiar and quite tasty. Just get some little smoky sausages and some canned biscuits and you will be on your way.

Have you ever heard of moose glasses? They are the classic mugs from my favorite Christmas movie.