How To Use Custom Fire Pits With Safety In Mind

It is certainly a nice feeling to sit around custom fire pits during the evening. This might become a bonding moment between parents and children, friends, or lovers. A can of cold beverage in hand and marshmallows on stick will also fit the ambiance. There are many memories that one can make through this as well.

However, one should know that there are hazards that come with using the said item. If the person is not careful with how he or she handles the said item, a raging flame may be fanned out which will cause damage not only to properties but to human lives as well. To prevent such a thing from happening, following these tips will surely help.

First of all, it is important for the person to remember that the pit should only be used when the wind is not blowing. This is because the wind contains oxygen necessary for burning flames. If the wind is too strong, it might fan out the flame even more. It might cause unnecessary wildfire which should be avoided at all cost.

The best way to cool down any sort of flame is water. That is the reason why it is recommended for the individual to ensure that the hose is hooked up to a faucet and the main water is turned on first. The hose should be brought nearby. This will ensure that there is available water that can be used immediately when a flame breaks out.

Prepare the extinguisher. This is one of the best items that the person can have if there is a risk of fanning the flames in the pit to more than what one can handle. With the extinguisher, one can put out any kind of flame.

The flame will not fan out when there is nothing for it to burn. However, the person should make sure not to over stuff the pit with burning materials such as trees and shrubs. These items will cause sparks and the sparks will fly out if it is too much. This is a likely cause for wildfire.

It is also better to make use of this item in open areas. As much as possible, one should not make use of this item under or near any trees. This is especially applicable if those trees easily catch fires. This will only cause more trouble for the person. It is not worth it to risk causing a wildfire.

Be sure to put out the flame once the person is done using the pit. The best way to put out the flame is to pour water over it. Make sure that the ashes are wet before sleeping. There may still be some remaining ashes that are continuously burning deep within the pile.

Do not forget to double-check that the ashes are indeed put out already. There may be some ashes within the said custom fire pits that are still burning. If they are left alone, they will burn until the morning. When there is a wind, the burning ashes might be blown somewhere that easily catches flame. This will just start a wildfire.

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