Increase Your MMA Impact

Many MMA athletes came to the sport as experts in one specific area, such as wrestling or kickboxing. While having strong skills in one area is great, to become successful, it is important to build multiple skills. More and more fighters are continuing to train in different styles of fighting, making them more versatile and powerful in the cage. There are many skills you should have in your MMA arsenal; here are a few key choices.

If you have never taken Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, this is something that definitely should be added to your to-do list. This martial art is an excellent method to study because it focuses on grappling and ground fighting. With strong Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills, you can often overwhelm a larger opponent, bring them down to the ground and even the playing field a bit.

To improve your defensive skills, consider adding Judo to your program. Judo is similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and BJJ, in fact, was derived from the ancient combat art of Kodokan Judo. Judo, unlike Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, focuses on fighting in a standing position rather than forcing your opponent on the ground. The main advantage of studying Judo is that it can act as a strong defense against an opponent who is trying to wrestle you to the ground and apply submission holds.

There are many mixed martial arts fighters with previous careers in the boxing ring. Fighters with strong boxing skills not only learn the best techniques for throwing a punch, they also learn how to block hits and take a punch when it makes contact. Boxing classes can be an important part of your training regime and will improve your overall conditioning.

To improve your striking techniques, taking Muay Thai classes is essential. Muay Thai emphasizes eight points of contact, including fists, knees and elbow strikes. Among the punching techniques you will learn are the cobra punch, the uppercut and spinning backfist. There are also many elbow striking techniques and knee strikes and foot thrusts to learn and master. When used properly, Muay Thai can help prevent takedowns and increase your ability to knock out your opponent.

Your MMA gym should offer most, if not all, of these classes. Try to find a gym that not only offers a variety of classes, but also a gym that allows you to train and take many classes for one flat monthly fee. Experience counts, so it is also wise to select a gym with instructors that have actually competed in MMA fights.

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