Making The Transition To Viral Traffic With Viral Traffic Optimizer

Everyday thousands of people turn to the internet looking for ways to make some extra cash. Peoples dreams from this may vary from just wanting a bit of extra spending money to the guys out there with the bigger dreams of total financial freedom. It is said that out of all of the people out there trying to make it in this game only around 5% will ever get of the starting blocks and then only as low as 1% will actually make enough money so that they can quit their jobs and go full time internet marketer.

My journey to the level I am now at has been the hardest business related thing I have ever done and there were many times when I could have easily given up because things really did get tight through some spots. Even getting past the stage of searching for the next shiny object, get rich quick type product was hard enough.

The way I became so successful was through sheer hard work, determination and the mindset where giving up is not an option. My area of internet marketing expertise has become SEO as I loved the idea of the residual income once your sites were ranked. I knew I had to work hard to get my sites there but once I got them there the thought of them bringing in money for ever more was a dream come true to me.

I have come across these updates a few times now and I have had mixed results after them, this was until the latest one that brought my niche site empire down to its knees. The feeling of waking up and finding all of your hard work taken away from you in 1 hit is something that is very hard to recover from mentally and I really didn’t do a good job of it.

This really got me looking into different ways that I could take my business and how I could stop relying on Google for my next pay check. I found a product called Viral Traffic Optimizer by Dan Brock that teaches you all about how to capitalize on social media marketing and make your pages go viral. Hopefully this will give me the kick start I need to get my business away from the big G.

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