Reasons For The Increased Crash Risk Among 17 To 19-Year Olds

The risk of motor vehicle accidents is higher among 16 to 19 year-olds than among any other age group. Crash risk is particularly high during the first year that teenagers become eligible drivers. What’s interesting is that teenagers who have teenage passengers are also more likely to be in an accident than if they were with adults or driving alone. Teen males are also more prone to accidents than their female counterparts.

Why do teenagers have a higher crash risk than other age groups?

There are a number of contributory factors to the increased crash risk of teen drivers. For one, they are more likely to underestimate or fail to recognize perilous situations than older drivers. Moreover, in comparison to other age brackets, 16-19 year olds tend to have riskier driving behavior. For instance, they are more likely to speed and allow shorter headways than adults. Teens also have the lowest rate of seat belt use and are more likely to drink and drive than other age groups.

How can teen deaths and injuries resulting from crashes be prevented?

There are proven methods to make teens become more responsible and safer drivers. Research suggests that formal driving lessons can reduce crash risk among teens significantly. Driver’s education will involve both classroom sessions as well as supervised driving sessions. These lessons are geared towards teaching drivers how to identify and promptly react to different driving situations and dangers. Correct driving strategies and consequences of not following them are also discussed. How to find a good driving school There are plenty of Middlesbrough driving schools.

Recommendations from family and friends, especially those who recently took driving lessons, can help you find reputable schools. Alternatively, you can use a search engine to find schools in your area. Web forums can also be very helpful. These forums are a good resource for the experience of other consumers with certain driving schools in your area, as well as recommendations, and warnings. You can also go to to find approved driving instructors in your area.

You should compare three to five schools offering driving lessons in Middlesbrough so you can find one that can match your needs and your budget. The DSA regularly performs checks to ensure that all approved driving instructors are at par with the agency’s standards. You need to ask the instructor about his latest score. Make sure to work with ADIs that have a grade 4 or higher. No instructor is alike, in terms of personality and teaching style. You have to choose an instructor who you think you will get along with so you will have a positive learning experience.

Teenagers are more likely to be in a road accident than other age groups. There are proven ways to make teens become better defensive drivers; driving tuition, for instance. Click here to get pointers on how to choose among Middlesbrough driving lessons providers.