Miniature Crape Myrtle Looks Great In Any Garden

Early in the summer, or a little bit later, depending on the variety, Crape Myrtles come to blossom. Their attractive flowers will decorate your garden throughout the season. Although Myrtles are usually fast growing, large shrubs and trees, miniature Crape Myrtle varieties are suitable for smaller gardens and even for terraces.

Twelve feet trees and shrubs will decorate your spacy garden, but to make your deck or patio more appealing, you will need something smaller. These miniature or dwarf versions are suitable for any space, and they mostly reach up to three feet. Great number of appealing colors and shapes make this plant very attractive.

Here are some of the most popular miniature sized plants. Chickasaw has very nice, delicate pink flowers. It grows one to two feet high, and it is especially interesting thanks to its very good resistance to any weather conditions, including very dry climates. It has a tight growth habit and it is quite popular lately.

Delta Blush is also highly popular among gardeners. Bunches of lovely light pink flowers are the main reason why this plant is so popular as a showcase plant. It is highly resistant to insects and will survive almost any weather condition. You can grow it in open, but it will also be perfectly happy planted in a larger container.

Hot pink flowers of Pocomoke bloom in the late summer. This variety is very popular as a potted plant, just as another highly popular mini, Weeping Alamo Fire. This one comes in the mid-summer, with its amazing red flowers you will certainly appreciate. Numerous excitingly red clusters will light up any garden with their beauty.

New Orleans Weeping grows up to three feet, and has beautiful purple flowers you will certainly appreciate. World’s fair Weeping is another variety you might like. It has lovely, watermelon colored blossoms, and also very attractive leaves. Good as a potting plant as well.

Most minis have fair to good mildew resistance. They are suitable for even the smallest gardens, but also for container gardening, and some varieties work very well as ground cover as well. Rosy Carpet is among the smallest ones, especially suitable for this purpose. It has lovely pink flowers that look very attractive.

Myrtles do need to be fertilized, especially during the growing season. Water soluble or osmotic fertilizers are the best, and twice a week should be enough. Some varieties are able to survive harsh weather conditions if planted in ground, but if you keep them in containers, they will need some protection against very low temperatures. These insect resistant plants might have occasional problems with aphids.

Miniature Crape Myrtle will be wonderful addition to any garden. This lovely plant doesn’t require too much attention, and it gives so much. It grows best in full hot sun, although it will do well in 50 percent shade as well. It should be planted in any type of a soil. You need to give it enough water, if it grows in a container, or when you live in especially dry desert climate zone.

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