Nutrition Should Be An Important Component Of Your MMA Program

If you really are serious about becoming a professional MMA fighter, not only do you have to work hard in the gym, you also have to create a balanced dietary plan. Proper nutrition will strengthen your body, make it less prone to injury and improve your focus.

One tip that should always be remembered is that you should never skip breakfast. Providing your body with a healthy mix of foods will give you a huge burst of energy in the mornings. Consider a protein-rich egg white omelet combined with a bowl of oatmeal or a smoothie that contains a mix of fresh fruits, hemp protein and almond milk. Add a scoop of natural, organic peanut butter or nut butter for extra protein and taste.

Because MMA fighters expend so much energy, it is imperative that they fill their diet with plenty of healthy carbohydrates. These are known as complex carbohydrates and these foods are converted into glycogen by the body. This glycogen can help your if you need a quick burst of energy, and the leftover glycogen is stored in your muscles for later energy output. Poor carbohydrates, also known as simple carbs, provide a quick sugar spike but not energy is stored for later usage.

Most vegetables contain these complex types of carbohydrates, so you can pretty much eat all you want. Keep in mind that a few veggies are calorie-rich, such as potatoes and yams. Fruits are sugar-rich, but it is a much healthier sugar than processed sugars. Consider eating fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, bananas and plums. Whole grains such as millet, oats and brown rice as well as pasta made out of whole wheat or whole grain are good choices. Try to choose foods in their natural state, rather than those that have been processed.

You don’t have to down raw eggs like Rocky Balboa to be a great fighter, but you do need to eat a good amount of protein. Protein helps your body heal and promotes muscle repair, so obviously this nutritional element is important for those in MMA. Eggs are a great source of protein, as is fish and low-fat types of dairy. Lean meat is another protein option, but opt for smaller portions and buy grass-fed beef or perhaps even buffalo meat, as this is far better for your body.

Athletes talk a lot about bulking up on protein, and protein is important because it keeps your body strong and aids in recovery. However, you shouldn’t have protein be the majority of your diet, as everyone’s body needs a balance of foods. There are many excellent sources of proteins, including eggs, low-fat yogurt and lean meats and fish. When you opt for animal products, select the highest quality meats possible. Grass-fed beef is far better for you, as the animals are fed a healthier, more natural diet with less corn and fillers.

To determine your daily caloric intake, you must take into consideration the amount of calories you burn typically as well as your weight and your height. Keep in mind that as you get close to a fight, you will probably alter your diet accordingly. For serious athletes, it is always wise to sit down with a nutrition expert and create a plan that covers all of your needs.

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