Online MLM – Paying For Your Previous Errors

If you are Developing your Multi-level Marketing downline using the traditional methods then you will be employing all of the following 5 steps:

1. Approaching 2. Presenting 3. Following 4. Enrolling 5. Training

But, how are they relevant to your Web Based Multi Level Marketing campaign?

To evaluate this question: all of these components are equally important in your online campaign, but can fortunately be achieved in a fundamentally different manner. Allow me to explain:

Previously, you should begin with a list of names and would need to phone them one at a time to discuss your business. That is not required on the internet, as long as you are offering things of value to your visitors. They elect to be a lead because they request you to share information with them (opt in subscribers). Therefore your initial approach can be achieved with little or no thought, at the time you deliver your first autoresponder email out to your visitor.

With regards to your presentation, you provide relevant information to your list of subscribers and they pick when they are ready to review your company’s information. This can be completed automatically, with no influencing tactics from anyone!

Every time you email a new email out to your visitors, you will be following up with them. They might decide to ignore your email, they may choose to review it, or they could actually choose to follow you. This is true when you build your business via person to person marketing, but online this occurs with no personal effort and without any out-right rejection!

You recruit new Associates when they call you to explain that they are ready to join! Take it from me, this might happen if you demonstate to people how to achieve what they long for out of their MLM opportunity, but be sure to provide all the things you promise.

Finally you should coach your new downline members so that they can build and adopt the same prospecting systems that you use. This can preferrably be structured and automated to minimise your personal input and to ensure that every one of your recruits are supported to the best of your capability.

This type of approach checks all the boxes for a desireable system (on and off-line) and once it is developed it wil run entirely on autopilot!

At this point, I should elaborate on the importance of planning your process from start to finish prior to you start putting something tangible together. I actually found out the hard way that if you leap in both feet first, without a complete plan, then you may end up doing considerably more work than you have to! I actually ended up having to start from scratch as there were too many problems in my system!

Don’t make the same mistake that I did, as you want to be sure that your first steps are in keeping with your desired end result that you have for your completed system. Do the necessary preparation before you build your prospecting pipeline.

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