Why Play World Of Warcraft? The answers will amaze you!

World of Warcraft is one of the most sophisticated and entertaining online gaming experiences and if you haven’t given it a try you absolutely should. There are endless ways to play “WoW’ (an acronym for World Of Warcraft) so that the game becomes YOUR game, YOUR experience and YOUR fantasy. You will create real friends and relationships that extend beyond the computer and you will get to live in and be part of a stunning and epic world that is visually beautiful, filled with highly entertaining music, incredibly fun, exciting and rewarding on all levels of gaming.

Are you a social butterfly? Select a guild and become a member and you can earn top positions and treasures from raids, dungeons and events. Do you prefer to play alone? You can take on endless cool challenges, monsters and dungeons. Like to make and sell powerful magic items? You can learn to do this for you and sell to others for a big profit. Master several “professions” and help yourself succeed as you grow in wealth and reputation. You can sell your goods to other players and they will stand in line to buy them!

Master professions and help other players succeed and you will grow in wealth and reputation. You can sell your products in one of many auction houses that are filled with players always looking for good deals. Some players that have mastered World Of Warcraft auction houses have been able to use this skill on to places like E bay and made real money!

If you like a challenge you can enter into arenas and places called battlegrounds to fight other players. Some of the top guilds and combat teams earn real money and prizes from Blizzard (the creator of the game) and PVP as it is called (player versus player) is very exciting to watch and participate in. Become a living legend, earn honor points that can be used to purchase better combat gear, achievements as well as the hero of many gamers.

World Of Warcraft is also about a great way to just relax as you enter into another an incredible world and get the chance to “vacation away” from your real life. Become a completely different person and your avatar explores the world of WoW which is filled with epic scenery. This is a great way to get a break from your own reality and just enjoy incredible artwork, cool music and ever increasing challenges.

See vast worlds as you harvest rare and exotic herbs, minerals and other trinkets to sell and use to make magic items. You can fish for experience, join live tournaments, win prizes and hook actual treasure. Collect enough rare materials and sell these as well. How about exploration of fantastic ancient ruins, lost worlds, underwater cities and epic landscapes? Become one the denizens in the story and play the storyline. Like to use magic? Want to be a healer? Enjoy close combat? Like to hunt? It is all possible in WoW. So what are you waiting for? Real life can be a drag. If you play World Of Warcraft responsibly you will find that you will be happier, more fulfilled and a true hero in your own mind. Have fun checking out WoW!

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