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If you are searching for a vacation location that’s not only fun, but very exciting but will leave you with memories that will linger for a really long time, then embark on a Cuba travel!

Yes, Cuba is not a country that’s simply known for its fine cigars – na oh! This country boasts of one of the best tourism destinations in the world!

Do you know that Cubans actually feel that their country looks essentially like a crocodile and consult it as “El Cocodrilo? ” Properly, the reason they think this way is quite simple, as soon as this country is seen from above, it appears like a croc. Despite getting called a crocodile, this country is in fact benign; it is one of the very few nations on the globe that do not have animals or plants which were considered dangerous to human beings – so vacationers can feel safe on their trip.

Are you convinced that Cuba travel is for those who have a death wish since you also are worried stiff regarding this country’s health care amenities? Well, you need to understand or know that Cuba’s health care is one of the very best on the planet… yes, despite the country’s wide-spread poverty. Another interesting fact that many of people are not cognizant of is that the life span of an average Cuban is about 76 years! This Country’s medical technology is also ranks pretty high involving advanced countries. Cuba’s people were even behind that development of vaccines for meningitis B and hepatitis M. If you ever get ill on the travel to Cuba, you will find yourself entitled the same superb healthcare service as the people.

What Else is so Great About Cuba?!

If you’re quite handy with ones camera or camcorder, you will have loads of photo together with mini movie opportunities. There is lots of breathtaking Spanish architecture which were just waiting for you to explore them and or have their pictures drawn in the beautiful city associated with Havana. You will think you will be walking around on a Hollywood number of an old movie. There are loads involving old American cars that is to be driven past you.

Cubans are extremely friendly people, you will love being friends with them!

If you are a salsa dancer, don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes because after you hit the night irons, you will dance for a heart’s content!

Cuba is a country that boasts of numerous stunning beaches. You could possibly get to walk on seashores of fine white sand and obtain to swim in that clear and sparkling orange waters!

Consequently, you are a huge museum buff huh? Well, on your Cuba travel it is best to get prepared to examine Havana’s amazing museums. Yup, Havana is not just home to great How to speak spanish architecture, this city has its share of popular museums including: The Museum in the Revolution The Havana Club Museum of Rum (Seriously, we did not makes up!) Your Cigar Museum Domestic Museum of fine Martial arts The Ernest Hemingway Museum

Precisely what you waiting for? Start out packing! . Built by the Hershey Chocolates Company in 1917, a train that was once used to transport workers to the company’s sugarcane refinery is still going strong. Today, travelers to Cuba will take an interesting ride about this historic train. Every day the train rattles on the track from Havana to your port town of Matanza, 60 miles to your east. While the train is quite unreliable, it is an effective way to see Cuba as it stops at small stations and villages on the way. The journey should take about three to four hours, but it also may not demand that you your destination at just about all. It’s all about the feeling though.

Your rail line was produced when sugar ruled Cuba’s current economic climate, and trade with the united states was high. Milton S. Hershey, an industrialist of the time, built the line to move workers from the company’s sugarcane refinery concerning 40 miles east of LA Havana, and to send refined sugar oh no- the port. From there, the sugar was shipped to your company’s chocolate factory within Pennsylvania.

The train leaves from Casablanca, a suburb of La Havana located along the harbor from the Aged Town. The easy way to get there is to adopt a ferry across this bay. The ferry service is also unreliable and may not look at all. If this is the case, take a bus in the city, past the figurine of Christ, to the place.

The Hershey teach ticket costs about 1. 5 pesos for locals and 1. 5 convertible pesos with regard to others. One convertible peso is roughly much like 1 U. S. dollar, as Cuba has some sort of confusing dual-currency system. That train is electric, which was amazing during its time plus its still the only one of its type in Cuba. Consisting of three dusty green carriages using a driver’s cabin at just about every end, the train was built in Spain.

For the reason that train passes through lovely countryside and agricultural job areas, it is not uncommon to make unscheduled stops to let a farmer off to gain some tomatoes. While the train is supposed to continue completely to Matanza, it may give up in the whole village of Hershey, where the sugar refinery still stands on the hill nearby. In Matanza, a pleasant colonial town, you will find a more organized train station.

Cuba amazingly was the sixth country in the world to get a train. Take a ride on just about the most historic trains through beautiful Cuban landscapes on the next exciting Cuba vacation.

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