People Often Talk About The Iphone 5S Battery Rubberized Case

The iphone 5s battery case was invented to provide more juice or power to your iPhone units. As for the latest iPhone version, the iPhone 5s, a battery case that was specifically made for it is now available in the market.

So to get a better understanding of the iphone 5s battery case, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the iphone 5s battery case.

How does the iphone 5s battery case work?

Unlike the older models of battery cases that were manufactured for earlier versions of the iPhone, the iphone 5s battery case is more light compared to its ancestors.

Using the iphone 5s battery case is easy since you just plug it into the lightning connector of your iPhone.

It is always recommended to fully-charge both your iPhone and battery case at all times. By doing so, you can use your phone at an extended period of time and at a more efficient way. Don’t forget to switch on to the battery case only when your iPhone unit has 20 percent battery life left. The battery case will charge your phone so that you can continue to use it. But if you will not be using your phone for a while, it is suggested to switch back to stand-by mode to preserve your phone’s battery life.

Inside the very thin, super lightweight and soft-touch battery case is a rechargeable smart battery that uses a technology that instructs the iPhone unit to prioritize draining the power of the battery case first before the built-in battery of the phone unit.

Generally-speaking, a good quality battery case can be recharged for 500 times. Each time a battery case is charged from 0 to 100 percent is considered one full cycle of charging. Although partial charging, it is not recommended. And after the battery case has exceeded its charging capacity of 500 times, you can still charge it but the power it will generate will be 75 percent less than the original charging capacity of 100 percent.

Does the battery case block the camera, speaker, microphone and other ports of the iPhone unit?

The Vority X5S iPhone 5 and 5S Battery Rubberized Case is better compared to the other iphone 5s battery case brands available today in the market because you can extend the battery life of your iPhone 5s and protect it at the same time without the hassle of adding bulk and weight to your unit.

The first is the battery case with button overlays and the second is the battery case with cutouts. Both designs have its pros and cons in terms of convenience to use by the user. It will depend on the iPhone user which design is more comfortable.

When it comes to antenna reception, the battery case in no way affects network signal connection whatsoever. You can text and call anytime you want.

So what are you waiting for?

A reliable and quality battery case for iPhone 5s like the Vority X5S iPhone 5 and 5S Battery Rubberized Case costs between $79.95 to $199.95. Such an amount is a small price to pay to get up to 150 percent extra battery life for your phone.

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