Search Engine Web Crawlers – How Do They Work?

Search Engine Web Crawlers – How Do They Work?

Search Engines bring the customer to your website so they can see what you have to offer. So you need to know how these search engines work and how they bring information to the customer.

There are a couple of types of Search Engines, robots which are called crawlers or spiders, you may have heard that impression before.

When a Search Engine indexes a website they use spiders. So when you submit a website to a Search Engine, then it’s the spider that will index your whole site.

A spider runs on autopilot if you like and that is done within the Search Engine system. What the spider does is visit the site and reads all the content, it also takes a look at the mega tags within the site and follows the links.

When the spider is finished with your website that information is sent back to a central depository. From here the data is index along with all your links.

Tip: Don’t have too many pages on your website because the spider will only index a certain amount of pages, so 500 pages lets say would be too much.

The spiders will return to your website to check for any new content that is on there. The frequency for the spider returning to your website is determined by the moderators of the Search Engines.

All the content that is indexed by the spider goes into a big book and kept. The spiders could visit one million website in one day. The spider will then go out and search for more new content to put into the book.

So when we search for something on the internet we put keyword phases into a search box. The spider will then look for that keyword and bring back hundreds of pages related to that keyword.

Search Engines have algorithms which scans for frequency and the location of keywords in your website. It can also pick up keyword stuffing or spam in your website.

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