Selling and e-learning: the world in your hand

E-learning and Marketing: A new age

If you're a marketing consultant, “Continuous learning” became into a really helpful word, maybe more than you wanted, but it's part of our job.

E-learning, home-based learning utilising the technologies of information and communication, is a must for a online selling consultant.

Why e-coaching is the best

There are a few features for e-learning, whether or not the student isn't Net friendly (think about old folks).

Here we show you 8 of them:

* Time is money, and e-learning allows you to study or develop home tasks when you would like.
* Time is cash, and you'll save time at home, at the office or wherever you are because you don’t need to move to the school.
* All of the materials are or should be online, so you'll save cash because you don’t need to buy traditional books.
* Communication improves: email, skype, video conference or similar are your new tools for engage with your teacher.
* Social media let you develop tasks with other people all around the planet, and you can gain advantage from each other, inflating multicultural projects and different points of view.
* Time equates to money, and you can send and receive directions, texts, tests or tasks in just a few seconds
* video and all the formats that you can image are at your disposal, the best adapted to the educational process can be used without any problem.
* Support? No problem, you have masses of dictionaries,?encyclopedias, articles or systematic studies at you full disposal; just use search websites (yahoo) and you’ll got the answers!

e-learning is the answer for a lot of people

Folks with no time for moving or simply that don’t want to spend time are the more interested in this sort of activity.

people that love new technologies, curious about a high intense learning experience, will use e-learning by its characteristics.

Abel Pardo is Professor of Posicionamiento SEO at the University of Leon