Some Types Of Surgical Equipment

If you interested in becoming a surgeon, you should be interested in knowing various surgical equipment that can be of help to you. Actually, surgery is a discipline that will enable you treat various kinds of rare diseases. Sometimes, scientists try to improve medical treatment by updating the surgery instruments.

There are several tools used in surgery. Some of them include surgical staplers, scissors, forceps, needle holders, towel clamps, scalpels, injection needles, rulers and calipers. Some of these instruments are used for cutting, some for sealing, while some are used as measurement devices.

The stapler is an example of sealing devices. It is used to close skin wounds during operation. Staples have gained more applications in recent times because they have been found to be more accurate than hand sutures. As a matter of fact, staples were developed because of the increased rate of post-surgical mortality rate before its invention.

Scissors are preferred to scalpels and knives because they are more accurate. There are different types of surgery scissors and using the right ones is important for a successful operation. Some of the types include Mayo scissors, scissors, and Stevens scissors. Mayo scissors are big so they are useful for cutting heavy tissues. Mayor scissors are further classified into straight-bladed and curved-bladed.

Forceps are used to keep tiny objects in place. They have similar design with the scissors and they are made of plastic or high carbon-steel. High carbon-steel forceps can be used more than once as long as it is sterilized. However the plastic ones cannot be reused again on another person. Types of forceps in surgery include non-locking and locking forceps.

There are other kinds of surgical equipment. Some can do just one job while some others can be used for more than one task. However, a successful surgery does not just depend on the right implements; the doctor handling the operation must also be well informed in what to do.

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