The 6 Step CSI Model

The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) phase of the ITIL Service Lifecycle assures that value is made and maintained for consumers and users. To attain this, constant analysis and improvement of the entire quality of IT services as well as processes has to be performed. It is the work of CSI to review, assess and create tips about advancement opportunities in each Lifecycle phase. The important aim of Continual Service Improvement is to gain knowledge from previous mistakes, failures, and accomplishments of the organization.

It is the aim of the Continual Service Improvement Model to enhance business efficiency, affordability, and value through the Service Lifecycle. Simultaneously, this model will help businesses identify and implement the essential advancements. The six steps within the CSI Model are as follows:

1. Step 1 – What is the vision? o The business vision lets you know of where you would like to be. Thus, it includes all business missions, targets and goals. The vision should line-up the IT techniques with the business tactics.

2. Step 2 – Where are we now? o This step needs the precise assessment of the existing circumstance of the organization to establish a baseline.

3. Step 3 – Where do we wish to be? o Within this step, the goals for advancement will be recognized and agreed upon.

4. Step 4 – How do we get there? o Preparation of a thorough CSI plan is essential to produce high quality services by applying ITSM processes.

5. Step 5 – Did we get there? o The fifth step is to validate that measurements as well as metrics have been put in place. This helps the organization know if the business objectives were accomplished and priorities were met or not.

6. Step 6 – How do we maintain the momentum going? o It is significant which the momentum for quality improvements is preserved. Given that the CSI Model functions inside a loop, the CSI Model starts again at Step 1 following this step.

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