The Advantages Of A Foot Controlled Mouse

A foot controlled mouse works just like a hand operated one, except that users operate it with the feet. There are numerous advantages attached to using such a device. Not only does it prevent repetitive strain injuries, but it can even improve efficiency for some users. There are different models available for purchase today and reading reviews online can help you make a decision as to which one is most suitable for your purposes.

The design usually consists of two parts. One part is commonly called the slipper and is used to control the movement of the cursor. Another part called the pedal is used for clicking. When using both feet together, all the functions normally available with a hand-controlled device such as selecting from a menu, dragging and scrolling can be accomplished.

People with mouse-related injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome, find great relief from pain in using such devices. They are also used by those who want to prevent developing injuries in the first place. The continual repetitive action required, particularly by those who spend long hours at a computer, can cause many muscular skeletal problems. Of course those with limited or no use of their hands, may find that using such devices offers them a way of using a computer that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Far from hindering efficiency, such a device can actually boost it. Think about the time wasted in moving one hand continually away from the keyboard to the mouse. Editors can keep both hands on the keyboard and edit using their feet very effectively. Graphic designers too, can increase their production and multitask in this manner, especially when short cuts they use frequently can be programmed in.

Clicking is an easy activity to manage in this way as it does not require much precision. Cursor control, on the other hand, requires some precision and is not as easy a skill to accomplish. However, it is not that difficult and just as driving a car requires learning how to use the pedals, this skill can also be mastered with practice.

Using such a device does not affect any of the other input devices used. This means that you can choose to use devices simultaneously. You have to find out which combination works best for you, offering you the most efficiency while saving you from excessive strain at the same time. For example, computer gamers like the fact that they can click and have their hands free at the same time.

When using pedals, it is important to make yourself as comfortable as possible in your chair, adjusting the height to make sure your feet reach them easily. It is still important to take breaks as your ankles can also take strain. However, they are less likely to take as much strain as the wrists because feet are used to this repetitive type of activity with the ankles moving constantly.

People may question whether use of the feet is as efficient as using their hands. In fact, they can be just as efficient and in fact efficiency is actually increased in certain cases. Just make sure that you purchase a foot controlled mouse that is simple and effective to use, offering all the options you need.

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