The Many Styles Of Unique Bird Houses For Sale

It takes a little skill and determination to find truly unique bird houses for sale these days. Many suppliers have styles and shapes that will be pleasing to the eye but to be unique they must reach past pleasing. The styles that will work best are acclimated to the breeds of birds in your part of the world.

Different companies and individuals make them and are very creative in their styles. The actual structures can be made from bamboo, cedar, porcelain and some from vintage license plates. The wood can be old and aged or pristine and new. Porcelain houses are by nature more fragile but they are not less viable as a product.

There is even a group that produces structures that are coated in seeds selected for the birds in your area. They call it edible housing and add to the appeal by placing dried flowers in a design interlaced with the seeds. These do not hold up well if left out in the elements when seasons change for the worse. Even so they can be a decorative piece in the home while you wait for summer.

Hand carved and burnt features that look like wizards or gnomes are also available. The mouth is open and expanded wide enough to allow entry for the birds. Figures of other animals are also made in this way. The carved faces are made to sit on a pole or porch railing while the bears and cats generally hang from a tree branch or porch eave.

Depending on the size of structure you are looking for you will find that the nesting sites can be as large as a three story house or even resemble one of the plantations from the deep south. Many birds live close together when nesting as a safety measure. Purple martins are one breed and wrens like to be in groups of five or six nests. The houses for the martins can be as tall as four or five stories and have four to six compartments on each floor.

Most of the homes come with equipment to either hang them or mount them on a pole. This is included in the price of the purchase. They are also made in such a way as to protect the birds and their chicks from cats and other predators while they inhabit the structure.

If you are a dedicated nature buff you can get these structures with a slide out panel on one side or removable roof. This will serve you well when cleaning them out in the fall. It will also allow you to install a clear glass side or video camera so you can monitor the growth and progress of your visitors.

If you are in the market for unique bird houses for sale the internet is the first place to look. There are multiple sites that offer anything you may have in mind and a few you never knew existed. To find them locally you can look in specialty stores around tourist locations. Larger parks sometimes have stores where the unusual can be found. Retail outlets that specialize in birds are also a good option if waiting for the delivery is not one of your favorite pastimes.

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