The Vority 3000Mah Vigor 3S Charger’s Helpful Features

The Vority 3000mAh lipstick power bank charger is very versatile. This is a unique charger that is loved by many because of its amazing features.

The Vority 3000mAh Vigor 3S Charger’s Helpful Features

This lipstick power bank charger is very versatile. One amazing feature loved by most Vority users is that it automatically stops charging when the battery reached its full power. Because of this feature, your battery will have a longer lifetime. As compared to other chargers, the Vority 3000mAh has an overcharging protection feature which makes this charger very popular worldwide.

The Advantages of Using Vority 3000mAh Charger

First of all, Lipstick Power Bank is very easy and convenient to use. It automatically switches on once a mobile device is plugged in and it automatically switches off once the mobile device is fully charged. It also shuts down automatically when left idle for three or four hours.

It has a compact, lightweight design with the following dimension – 4.3×0.9×0.9in 2.4oz that can easily fit in any pocket or bag. The manufacturer of Vority 3000mAh charger makes sure that it will not slip on an inclined table by making a square shape charger.

Charging is faster and you can even charge it simultaneously, the device and the lipstick. This only means that you don’t have to waste time waiting for your gadgets to get charged. It has a self charging time using the 1.0A input Micro USB wire. With 1.0A output USB that supports the optimum charging speed needed by iPhone 5S and other devices.

To [prevent|avoid] it from rolling off in an inclined table, it has a square body shape.

It has an internal Samsung Grade A cell and advanced microchips to ensure that it can provide the power that your device requires.

The Vority 3000mAh lipstick power bank is very smart. When you connect it to charge your device, it turns on automatically. When your device is fully charged, it stops automatically.

Disadvantages of Lipstick Power Bank:

This Vority 3000mAh charger is not compatible with HP TouchPad, Nokia Lumia 920, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook & World Edition, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 Models.

Vority 3S external battery lipstick power bank keeps you on time, fully charged and on track. This stylish charger is lightweight that you can bring it whenever and wherever you go.

Another benefit is that there is no need for the users to deal with the pile of intertwined cords since this charger has a removable 10 inch cable. Your time will not be wasted removing the tangled wires from the number of pools of cords that you need for your device.

Vority 3000mAh power bank charger lipstick power bank is all you need to keep your device powered up all the time. It has made life easier for those who travels all the time.

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