Treating Horse Ulcers

Proper care for a horse with a history of ulcers is an entire enormous chapter in the volume of pony health care. Pony owners who’ve had plenty of experience with horse ulcers become extra-sensitive to the possibility of their horses developing new ulcers. They are alert to the smallest symptom, if it is a pony off his feed or a horse experiencing mild colic.

Such pony owners are obsessive about one question: “What is my best plan if it seems like one of my horses is getting an ulcer”?

Here is a straightforward, inexpensive answer.

Stop Reoccurrence of Pony Ulcers

The best thing to do to stop reappearance of ulcers in an afflicted but recovered pony is to put him on a totally health-oriented nutrition program.

Probably the best nutritive supplement available on the market for horses that are prone to ulcers is Simplexity Health’s Essentials. This is a convenient supplement pack for daily consumption with:

– 2 varieties of blue-green algae (with the cell wall and without)

– Acidophilus

– Bifidus

– Enzymes.

With a regular dose to your pony, you can keep his gut positively healthy. The probiotics acidophilus and bifidus make sure the population of stomach flora or ‘good bacteria’ in the large and small intestines flourish. This is a vital function because stomach flora deter foreign aggressors from taking over, possibly causing ulcers. Healthy digestion is also boosted by probiotics.

A very important part in terms of digestion is played by the enzymes, especially in the case of horses who can not assimilate nutrient elements efficiently or suffer with naturally inadequate digestion. And finally, the 2 sorts of blue-green algae comprise a nutrient heavy supply of vitamins , minerals and trace minerals. These ingredients are of significant help in healing horse ulcers pretty much as they start to form.

To put it exactly, Essentials supply the horse’s body with all that’s necessary for a healthy stomach. Essentials also repairs ulcers that will have begun to form. While a final decision on dosage can be made after taking into consideration the horse’s temperament, I recommend Simplexity in doses of 1-2 packets.

Stopping Ulcers in a Stressed Horse

Simplexity Essentials works wonders when it comes to prevention of equine ulcers. In the cases of ulcer-prone horses that are stressed out , however , I’d advise that you feed extra supplements to prevent new ulcer formation.

Stress in horses can be due to a range of factors like change of environment, unexpected change of weather, heavy training, travel and shows. You should know best the factors that cause stress in your horse. You can take preventive measures by adding ulcer-preventive agents to your horse’s feed.

As an example, if you’re conscious of the fact that long trips stress your pony, you can include green clay, SUCCEED or KLPP and UF and Stomach Soother to your horse’s diet for a day or two. The magic trick lies in feeding him the same supplements that healed him of his first ulcer.

Your supplement choice ranges from slipper elm and aloe to green clay and Stomach Soother. What you settle on should be determined by the kind and severity of your horse’s ulcers. Pony ulcers are rarely the same, and this implies that the treatment is also not the same.

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