Mounting Your Horse

If you are wondering about the safest ways of mounting your pony, you have 2 choices, you can risk plenty of issues with your pony and to oneself by imitating Zorro or the Lone Ranger, or you can go the safe, standard way.

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How to Hobble Your Horse

By teaching your horse to stand hobbled, you prep yourself, and your pony, for possible awkward situations where there’s nowhere to tie the horse. This can often occur on ranches, where hobbling is very widely used as it eliminates the risks of tying a pony by the reins or the bridle.

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Training A Barrel Pony

Barrel racing can be terribly intense for both pony and rider, and you would be badly considererd if you were to try it with a horse at less than peak athletic condition. If you attempt to run a horse in not so good shape in a barrel race and he gets sore and stiff all over, it is going to form a really negative association in his mind with barrel racing. He won’t be particularly good at the game again.

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How To Correctly Fit A Horse Saddle

Speaking in very general terms, the most popular saddles in use are either of the English or the Western style. Nonetheless even within these broad categories there are a number of sub-divisions. Aside from these 2, there are also Australian and endurance saddles. Somebody with any idea of the world of horses will be able to distinguish an English from a Western saddle at first sight. These saddle types come in variations designed for specific riding preferences, events and riders.

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Treating Horse Ulcers

Proper care for a horse with a history of ulcers is an entire enormous chapter in the volume of pony health care. Pony owners who’ve had plenty of experience with horse ulcers become extra-sensitive to the possibility of their horses developing new ulcers. They are alert to the smallest symptom, if it is a pony off his feed or a horse experiencing mild colic.

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A Few Horse Safety Tips

If you are under the impression each equestrian accident occurs when horses are being ridden, you’ve got to do some research before you find out the hard way. Horses and their riders are equally subject to the whims of fate. Both of them can get hurt even while they are engaged in humdrum chores: grooming, feeding and watering and such like. As a pony owner, it is your job to wish for the best but make preparations for the worst! Here are some hints.

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How the Natural Horseman Trains Ponies

When teaching horses, you must remember that the equine species needs repetition and more repetition to learn well. A horse may usually need 5 or 50 repetitions of instructions to ultimately grasp the action, and the point is this: if you’re not capable of exercising great patience, you haven’t got any business teaching horses. If you approach your pony the right way, you will find that as the training advances, your bonding with your horse swiftly improves, and in turn, that decreases his learning cycles.

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Los Angeles Horseback Riding Adventures

It’s questionable you’ll find the angels if you go trying to find them in L. A. , but you’ll have an angelic experience if you try some horseback riding in and around that city. California isn’t just the Golden State, it is also the Equine State, though there are a couple of other American states that may lay claim to that title. If you can’t find what you want in California by way of equine journeys, it doesn’t exist some place else in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first horseback experience, or your thousandth. It doesn’t matter either if you are on your honeymoon, on an anniversary outing with your wife or on a vacation with your family. Nor does it matter if you are part of a group of work comrades, some club or organisation members. There is no difference, either, in your riding Western or English. If you happen to be looking for horseback adventure, California has everything you need. And the area in and around L. A. is one of the equine hearts of the state.

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What Are Scopey Horses

Puzzled by the word scope in the context of horses? So was I, before I got to understand what it meant. The only meanings for scope I knew were optical instruments like rifle scopes and telescopes and the extent of an activity or chance.

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