Tying The Knot In An Used Bridal Dress

The average cost of a wedding ranges from twenty thousand dollars to twenty seven thousand dollars. That’s a huge amount of money considering its one day of your life. That same money could be used for a down payment on a house, your honeymoon and so much more, which is why brides today are looking for ways to cut corners, especially in these tough economic times. Yep, being frugal is making a comeback when it comes to wedding planning and one of the best ways to be frugal is to wear a preened wedding dress.

What exactly is a preened wedding dress? It really is precisely what it sounds like; a wedding dress that has been previously owned by an individual else. Notice that does not necessarily mean you are wrong. Correct, most preened wedding dresses are worn by an individual else, albeit only when, but some are not. Items do take place that result in a bride to not be capable of wear her dress. As an example, the earlier owner from the dress could have referred to as off the wedding and is seeking to unload her dress, or she could have counted on losing a lot more weight than she truly did to wear the dress and ended up not fitting into it, or she could have identified a dress she likes far better right after already getting the initial dress. Whatever the cause, should you locate your dream wedding dress that was previously owned by an individual else, thank your lucky stars since it really is going to become significantly less costly than getting a brand new wedding dress.

The cost of a wedding dress previously owned by somebody else ought to be substantially much less than what you’d usually spend. Wedding dresses usually price a great deal of dough for something you’ll wear only as soon as, even when it’s on your wedding day. By buying a preened dress you are able to cut the price down by as a lot as half and obtaining a wedding dress for much less than a thousand bucks is a superb accomplishment.

There are many places to look for a wedding dress that has been previously owned. If none of your family or friends has a wedding dress you can wear, you can start by looking in your local thrift shop or consignment store which probably has several on any given day. If you find nothing there you can always browse auction sites online or your local classified lists. Another great option is to look at online wedding shops, many of which have a program for people to sell and buy wedding dresses that were previously owned. This is a great option because sites like this will have many listings for you to browse along with the dress’s history, size, specific measurements and more. Sites like this also allow you to search by location, price, designer and more.

While the low price tag on preened dresses is very enticing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while shopping for a used wedding dress. First of all you need plenty of time to find that perfect used wedding dress, more time than if you were looking at only new dresses. Since used dresses are harder to find and don’t have the same style in multiple sizes, you need to have a lot of time to look for your desired style and size. Also don’t limit your search to just one place, look everywhere. Look online, in thrift stores, etc. Give yourself plenty of opportunities to find your perfect dress. Finally keep in mind that you will probably need to pay for some alterations. This happens with almost every wedding dress, not just preened wedding dresses. It’s just the nature of the beast. So work the cost of alterations into your budget too when looking for that perfect preened wedding dress.

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