Understanding Victorian Dolls

The term Victorian Dolls is one of some debate among doll lovers. Doing a cursory search can be quite confusing as the title seems to have two different meanings. Some take it to mean porcelain dolls that were created in the Victorian era. Others take it to mean dolls that are dressed in costumes of the same period. I tend to think it’s not quite that simple. This article will take a brief look at the different perspectives.

The Victorian era is labeled such because it was during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837-1901. Dolls made during that period were crafted from a variety of materials, including cloth, paper and porcelain. Porcelain dolls are the ones that are most associated with the term Victorian. The most popular dolls were made to look like royalty and sometimes a variety of glamorous pursuits.

Quite a few doll experts will tell you that it;s not the date of manufacture that matters, but rather the dress of the doll. As long as the outfit is styled like costumes of that era, the doll is considered of the time period. This might be true because Paradise Galleries is currently making dolls that they consider Victorian dolls. One interesting technicality is that these dolls generally have different looking faces than the typical porcelain dolls. This leads me to think that there is more to a Victorian doll than it’s dress.

I would venture to say that the title ca go to any porcelain doll that is dressed like people of that time period or dolls that were made during that era. And, if possible, the faces should have more of the standard Victorian look.

You can find dolls like these at some specialty toy stores, craft stores and especially online are sites about Porcelain Dolls. Since this topic is obviously far from solidified, you can contribute your opinion and expertise at my site.

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