What Are The Benefits Of Using The DUO34AC Dual USB Wall Charger?

Are you looking for a diverse dual USB wall charger? The DUO34AC is the wall charger that fits the bill.

The DUO34AC offers plenty of perks for users. This USB wall charger provides fast, safe, and smart gadget charging.

This wall charger makes sure that your gadgets reach full charge in a short amount of time. The DUO34AC offer fast charging for power sucking devices such as the iPad 4 and iPad Air. The 2.4 Amps provided by this wall charger ensures that your apple products get to full charge in no time.

Interesting Features of Vority DUO34AC

This dual wall charger has a rating of 3.4A which allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The 3.4A rating enables this wall charger to meet the charge demands of all kinds of tablets, music devices, and phones at full speed, without having to share power.

The DUO34AC is also a very smart charger. This dual USB wall charger automatically stops charging devices once they reach full battery. This prevents gadgets and smartphones from overcharging and overheating. You no longer have to worry about damaging your smartphones and tablets when you accidentally leave them behind longer than you should.

Smart Charging

The DUO34AC also has a distinct port design enables users to charge all kinds of gadgets and phones no matter what the brand is. The port designs are also perfect for small and big devices, music players, and phones. The 2.4A port is suited for charging smaller devices while the 1.04A port was designed for bigger gadgets.

This dual USB wall charger also uses environmentally friendly and safe materials. The fire proof and high temperature resistant materials ensure that its user is safe. The AC input of this charger ranges from 100V to 240V allowing you to take it anywhere you go without worrying about charging your gadgets and phones. The materials used on this charger passed the standards of the RoHS, FCC, and CE.

Connecting Your Vority DUO34AC to Power Supply

This dual USB wall charger is designed to full charge your gadgets at the fastest possible time and shuts off automatically so that your devices are not overcharged. Overcharging can damage the battery of your devices, shortening their useful life. The DUO34AC ensures that no damage is done to your gadgets when you charge them.

The many benefits one gets from using this charger gives customers great value for money. The huge savings they get allow them to spend their money on other things or save for a rainy day. This multifaceted charger is the best deal you can find online.

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