Why I Make Gun T-Shirts

The world is a frightening place, my friend. Chaos reigns abroad and people are being treated as objects all over the world. Despite being the ‘Land of the Free’, even Americans are not immune to this type of treatment. However, the misused and abused are no where near as terrorized in this country as they are in others, nor is the turmoil nearly so widespread. This is because we have guns, my friends. There are enough guns in the United States for every single person who lives here to hold one in their hands. This is why I make gun t-shirts, friends.

All over the world there are riots and insanity gripping the public like waves. People tear into their neighborhoods with savage teeth, ripping at the soft flesh of the innocent and taking from the general population what they have not earned. When riots happen in America, the panic is much more contained. A few shops may be robbed, a few people may be hurt, but the damage is much lessened because it stops when the guns come out. Guns give us safety from our neighbors, and that is one of the huge reasons why I make gun t-shirts for you.

When I was a child, a man broke into my mother’s house. My father was not home, but I woke up when I heard the glass break. I ran into my mom’s room, locked the door, and held her while I heard that man rummaging through our belongings. I called out, “Who’s out there? Get out! We have a gun!” There was a heavy, pregnant pause before we heard the man leave by the front door. The police came a few minutes later to find that nothing was stolen. There was no gun, either…but there was from that day forward. This is one of the many reasons why I make gun t-shirts.

What many anti-gun protestors don’t understand, is that guns are part of our pact with freedom. We have never had to endure an invading force because there are so many guns in the United States, that we can be turned from 280 million citizens into 280 million soldiers overnight. We owe a great debt to the people who created this country from a few struggling colonies and turned it into a world leader in less than 150 years. As far as powerful societies go, that is some speedy growth…and part of that is due to the protection we have seen from gun ownership. That’s why I sell these gun t-shirts.

There would be nothing I loved more than traveling the country from gun show to gun show to sell my gun t-shirts to others like me. That will probably never happen, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I love doing this and I love sharing my love of guns with people who feel the same way. I suppose you can look at my stock of gun t-shirts and see them as a large love letter to guns that I want everyone to read. Guns make America great, and you will never convince me, or a few million others like me, of anything different.

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